According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42.4% of Americans were obese in 2017 to 2018.

Carrying extra pounds around on your body can increase your risk of developing serious health conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also put you at risk of developing certain types of cancer, which is why it’s vital you look after your body.

But weight loss through a healthy balanced diet and exercise isn’t always easy, so some people turn to other means, such as body sculpting treatments. Read on to learn more about weight loss using body sculpting and discover whether body sculpting treatment could help you.

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting treatments aim to kill a person’s fat cells without the use of intrusive surgery. There’s a range of different treatment options available, all of which are designed to get rid of fat cells, also known as apoptosis, and reduce the appearance of fat.

Body sculpting, as the name suggests, can help sculpt your body and get rid of stubborn fat cells. To see the greatest results, this type of treatment is supposed to be accompanied by exercise and a healthy diet.

This type of treatment can’t help those who are looking to lose a lot of weight.

How Do Body Sculpting Treatments Work?

The treatments are often applied to targeted areas where fat clings to, for example, on abdomens, thighs, and bottoms. Once a fat cell has been targeted by the treatment, it won’t grow back. Although it is possible to gain weight on the targeted areas again, as the fat cells that are still there can expand.

Each treatment type breaks down the fat cells, that are eventually flushed out by your body (within 12 to 16 weeks after the treatment). The different treatment options all require regular sessions a week, for several weeks. The sessions are often between 25 to 60 minutes and don’t require any anesthesia.

Most treatments aren’t painful, but you might experience some pain during the procedure. After a session, you might notice redness or swelling on the affected areas, but this should return to normal after a few days.

What Are the Different Types of Body Sculpting Treatments?

The most common types of body sculpting include killing fat cells through cold treatment, heat treatment, ultrasound energy, and radiofrequency energy. All of these options have slightly different procedures and each comes with their own pros and cons.

Cold Treatment: CoolSculpting

This type of treatment is popular and is regarded as one of the best body sculpting treatments. That’s because it’s an FDA-approved treatment.

The cold treatment freezes cells of fat, without damaging the skin. The procedure uses a device that sucks parts of the skin and targets cold to the fat cells underneath the skin. Cold treatment can be used safely on many parts of the body, including the abdomen, arms, chin, hips, and thighs.

It’s recommended that patients have two treatments for this body sculpting to be effective. Once the cells have received the cold treatment, they die and are removed by your body over several months.

Using cold treatments for body sculpting is great if you have several areas you want to sculpt. The procedure takes as little as 30 minutes, for a single area. And as an added bonus, this treatment has been approved, so it’s totally safe to use.

However, those who are sensitive to the cold, such as those with medical conditions like Raynaud’s syndrome, shouldn’t use this treatment. Another disadvantage is that some people have reported minor pain or side effects after treatment.

Heat Treatment: WarmSculpting

Heat treatment, or WarmSculpting, is where a laser is applied to the targeted body parts. The device damages the structure of fat cells using heat, which then causes the body to get rid of the dead cells.

WarmSculpting is also FDA-approved, but only on certain types of the body (such as the stomach and thighs). The device has a flat applicator, which is why it doesn’t work that well on other parts of the body.

After this treatment, the body slowly gets rid of the dead cells, so results can take a few months to show.

Heat treatment is perfect for those stubborn areas of fat and the results are permanent as long as the patient maintains their weight and health.

A disadvantage is that body sculpting laser treatments like WarmSculpting can’t be used on curved body parts. Some people also have reported feeling burning sensations during treatment.

Ultrasound Energy: UltraShape

The ultrasound energy treatment is the most time-consuming, as it takes an hour per session. This type of treatment uses ultrasound to target and break down fat cells. The vibration from the device (that a technician moves over the targeted area) breaks fat cells and kills them.

Unfortunately, this FDA-approved procedure only works on the abdomen. However, patients can see results after the third treatment and there’s no pain involved in the treatment. Another pro of ultrasound energy is that there are no side effects, so you won’t need to deal with redness or swelling.

As well as UltraShape, there are other body sculpting cavitation treatments available. Compare these ultrasonic fat burner treatments to find a sculpting machine for your beauty salon or even for your own personal use.

Radiofrequency Energy

The fourth option when it comes to body sculpting is radiofrequency energy. Devices that operate with radiofrequency convert energy to heat to kill fat cells. This treatment targets water in cells though, so those who have this treatment need to keep hydrated.

One type of treatment available is Body FX. Body FX helps to reduce fat cells in the body and encourages collagen growth. So, unlike the other body sculpting treatments, this one might help to tighten your skin and get rid of cellulite.

However, some patients have reported itching, redness, and swelling after treatment. Another disadvantage is that results can take up to six months after treatment to show.

Find Your Perfect Body

Achieving your perfect body isn’t easy. Even with dieting and exercise, there can still be stubborn fat cells that cling to your skin.

That’s why many people are trying out body sculpting treatments to help them find their perfect body. Use our guide to find out which treatment is right for you and finally say goodbye to your fat.

Don’t forget to peruse some of our other health and fitness articles to help keep your body healthy.

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