The Democratic National Committee announced that the Florida party will get $333,333, according to The Hill, as part of a national $50 million spending campaign. Florida and Ohio were singled out for significant funds because they are perennial swing states. Presumably, some of the $666,666 additionally transferred to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will also be earmarked for what promises to be a bruising three-way senate race against presumptive Republican candidate Marco Rubio and former Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist. The Democrats will choose either Kendrick Meek or Jeff Greene to be their candidate.

A call to the Republican National Committee to see if they are ponying up additional funds for Florida was not immediately returned. But the state Republican Party just instituted new increased spending controls and has limited its travel budget after its former chairman Jim Greer was accused of stealing party funds and facilitating a culture of lavish spending among top RNC members.

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