In Arizona, around 46.3% of adults have guns at home. Are you thinking of joining these people now and wondering how to reload ammo?

Whether you want to own a gun forย personal protection or competitive shooting, you need to know how to operate it correctly. This is both for your own protection and those around you.

To shoot your firearm, you’ll need ammo.ย You can always buy new rounds, but hand-loading is a good idea too.

If you want to learn how to reload ammo, then read on. Here’s a simple guide so you can make your own ammunition.

Get the Right Equipment and Tools


Before you can get started, you need to get everything ready first.

Ammo is made of four parts: case, primer, powder, and bullet. You can either use fired brass or buy new ones. It’s not tough to find 10mm brass for sale, and if you need ammo in bulk, this is a great route to go.

You’ll need a reloading manual to guide you along the way; there will be a particular one for your cartridge.

Other equipments includes a reloading press, reloading dies, powder measure, and safety glasses. You’ll also need a tumbler to clean your fired brass if you’re opting for those.

Clean Your Fired Brass

Fill your tumbler with corn or walnut media, then put your used brass in. Make sure they aren’t cracked or split.

Next, separate the brass from the used media. Use a rotary media separator if you want to avoid a huge mess.

Lubricate Your Brass

If you’re loading rifle ammo, then this is a necessary step. Otherwise, skip it, especially if you’re using quality die sets for handgun ammo.

Ammo in Arizona

Get some case lube and apply a thin layer to your clean cases with case lube pads.

Resize and Deprime Your Brass

Now use your die set to resize and deprime your used brass. This is necessary since cases expand when fired, and you’ll need them back at the original size to reuse them.

Follow your die set instructions to a T to ensure your brass is usable.

Trim and Prime the Cases

Use a hand-crank case trimmer to cut your cases back to their original lengths. You can then seat new primers by using your hand primer.

Load the Cases

Follow the reloading manual to fill your cases with the right amount of powder. Be careful; if you don’t fill your cases right, then this can lead to injury.

Seat the Bullets

Ammo & Gun

Use your bullet seating die to seat your bullets. Refer to your manual to get the correct depth.

You can also crimp some cartridges with the crimping die, such as those for pistols and AR-style rifles.

Know How to Reload Ammo Safely

Now you know how to reload ammo on your own. This can be a satisfying hobby that gives you a newfound appreciation for firing your guns.

Not only that, but you’ll have custom ammo that you’ve reloaded with your own hands. And as a result, your buddies will give you huge brownie points!

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