Summer is about to get a bit brighter in the sneaker world thanks to word on the latest shoe release dates.

In fact, each coming month through Summer 2020 is packed with unique new designs sure to provide you with the next perfect fit. Especially if you’re searching for your next (or first) pair of quality Air Jordans – get ready – this is the summer of Nike.

The Biggest Summer Shoe Release Dates

Whether you’re a tried and true sneakerhead or just looking to freshen up your shoe collection with a bit of variety, keep reading to see what the next five months have in store for you so you know what days you’ll want to be ready to cop the newest styles!

April 2020

April 1st, 2020, while sharing the celebration with April Fool’s Day, was no joke when it came to shoe release dates.

The brands releasing new shoes release dates online included Adidas, PUMA, and Nike coming in with a new Kyrie 6 and notably a new Kobe 5 Proto Lakers design. These could be a special way to remember the iconic basketball star through something heartwarming that fans can see and use daily.

But you haven’t missed out!

As for the rest of April, there are a sprinkling of new shoes release dates also coming in throughout the month. And, a heavy dash of Air Jordans coming in to continue their Air Jordan Retro release.

May 2020

While May doesn’t have a specific day as heavy as April comparing new shoe release dates, it does shine in the form of Air Jordan drops.

Two shoes standing out with hype are the Air Jordan 13 “Flint” design, coming May 2nd, and the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Court Purple” design set to release on May 14th. Both of these shoes are also part of the forthcoming Air Jordan Retro line.

The Flint design combines an original shoe design with a solid color to impress any combination of clothes while adding a unique touch. The Court Purple shoes drive home the power of the royal purple, a staple in variation when it comes to the color schemes of this shoe.

The work of waiting for these fresh new shoes release dates of kicks might be a bit tough, so it’s also worthwhile to browse through Jordans for sale to tide you over!

June 2020

June 2020 falls a bit lighter regarding online shoe release trends, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in store for this month.

There are more new shoes release dates in the lineup, but some specifics mainly revolve around the Air Jordan Retro Line.

June 6th boasts the release of Air Jordan 4 White University Reds as well as the Gym Reds. And June 11th holds the release of the Retro High OG WNMS Tie Dye design.

The White University Reds and the Gym Reds show the color off in bold ways while pulling up the classic designs of the Air Jordan Brand.

The Tie Dye Jordans come in an aquatic blue that amplifies the Retro vibe to the max. These are one of the perfect retro shoe color schemes and designs that also blend perfectly well with the summer season.

July 2020

The month of July is also filled with less specific new shoes release dates, since we’re getting further away, but you can be sure to be expecting a variety of Air Jordan shoe releases within this month.

One with a specific release date is the Retro 1 High OG Light Smoke Grey on July 11th. Other pairs shoe designs set to come out but without a specific release date include the Neutral Greys, Lucky Greens, and University Golds.

All variations on a theme, the colors stand out in different ways and work with different shoe designs. The Neutral Greys follow the Retro line design, basically a variation on the Light Smoke Grey. The Lucky Greens appear to shoutout the Celtics while the University Golds highlight the classic black and gold vibe.

July is also set to release a new Nike Air Zoom design.

August 2020

August caps off the summer with a vibrant catalog of new shoe release dates, so you can stock up on colors that pop and sneakers like no other.

In the Air Jordan Retro Line, the Summit White Pine Greens come out on the 5th, and the White Bel-Airs are also set to be released sometime during the month. There are also two other Retro line related shoes that should be coming out in this month, just no picture previews to accompany them yet.

Both the Pine Greens and the Bel-Airs utilize a base of white to build off of when it comes to accent colors. The Pine Greens using green accents throughout the retro shoe design, while the Bel-Airs use brighter purple, blue, and neon green that gives off a feeling of nostalgia through old MTV channel vibes.

Summer? We’re Ready

It should also be mentioned that there are shoes set to come out in the “Summer of 2020” with no further specificity, like the next Adidas Yeezy drop, and many more designs in the Air Jordan Retro line, like the 8 Retro Creams.

So while month by month there are options when it comes to specific shoes, there’s also most definitely the promise of a surprise shoe drop in the soon approaching season.

These shoes are all fresh and original. They make a great option for your collection, for your first pair, or even (and maybe especially) a great gift for anyone in your life who loves to express themselves with their sneakers.

Got the New Shoes Release Dates

It’s also a great way to stay positive and excited in times where you might be finding yourself at home just a little bit more than usual! And now you have a quick and easy guide through what all the latest shoe release dates you want to keep on your radar are.

All that you need to do is mark your calendar for the ones you think are most important. Then you can just sit back, relax, and maybe start finding ways to earn the extra cash you’ll need to fill up your cart with your next pair (or pairs) of solid new kicks.

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