If you’ve never thought to invest in a sex toy, this statistic might convince you otherwise. The market for vibrators in the United States is around $1 billion (twice the value of the condom market). This surprising stat means that more people than you think have a tickle trunk of great sex toys under their bed.

As a Mom, though, you need to know which sex toys are easy to hide. The last thing you want is little Johnny packing up your 16-inch dildo for show and tell.

There are plenty of discreet sex toys to choose from today.

Keep reading to learn about our three favorites

Ben Wa Balls

Kegel balls, sometimes known as ben Wa balls, are among the oldest and most interesting sex toys out there. While insertion won’t immediately take you to pleasure town, they’re still a worthwhile investment.

The balls can strengthen your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. They’re available in different weights and sizes to allow you to progress in your “workouts.”

Why should you improve your internal muscles in the first place? Strong vaginal muscles can lead to a boost in sexual satisfaction for you and your partner. Kegels also increases blood circulation, making arousal easier, and providing more lubrication.

Plus, if you have urinary continence, these balls can help. Strong pelvic floor muscles can improve your bladder control.

You can derive pleasure from Ben Wa balls, too. Some women insert them and then explore their bodies with other toys or their hands. Having the balls inside will enhance the sensations.

Necklace Vibrator

You wouldn’t go to work or out on the town with your rabbit vibrator hanging from your neck. A classy necklace that doubles as a vibrator, though? Perfect!

The beautiful and statement-making necklace features a long silver, gold, or rose gold tube. Its secret is that its a powerful USB rechargeable vibrator, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it.

When you get this beaut in the mail, show your partner exactly how it works in an unforgettable one-woman show. You’ll drive him crazy on your next date night when he sees you wearing it.

Lipstick Vibrator

If you’re looking for sex toys that don’t look like sex toys, look no further than a lipstick vibe. Don’t let their cutesy outward appearance fool you; these bad boys can pack a lot of power. They look exactly like a tube of lipstick, so you can throw it in your purse without raising any suspicion.

Under the cap is a hot pink or red shade that’s still pretty convincing as real lipstick. Its slanted tip is perfect for applying the right amount of pressure on all your sensitive parts.

Get Your Hands on the Best Discreet Sex Toys

There’s no harm or shame in buying toys to enhance your sex life. If you have children, though, discreet sex toys (or well-hidden ones) are recommended. Even the most curious children will have no clue your pretty little necklace or silver balls are for Mom’s use only.

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