So, you’re looking for an additional collection to your wardrobe yet still hesitant about which item to choose. How about a pearl necklace? This will surely not disappoint – from price range to complement any outfit!

Elegant. Classy. Quite flexible. That’s what best describes pearl necklaces. They are among the most popular choices for women of any age, especially for weddings. Pearls never run out of style and they never become out of date.

Their white color brilliance and beauty are another huge factor why pearl necklaces continue to dominate the market. They are a rare gem as well because it takes a lot of time, workforce, and effort to get enough pearls to design a pearl necklace. They symbolize privilege and are highly cherished in numerous cultures.

Many pearl necklaces are now available in various sizes and colors to suit any individual needs and tastes of women, aside from white color pearl necklaces. It can be found in a slew of kinds, including:

  • Synthetic pearls – can be made of ceramic, shell, or glass. The fragment or bead is covered with a finish or other materials that mimic a pearl-like glint.
  • Tahitian pearls – one of the best finds in the jewelry market. Precious and exotic, Tahitian pearls are not generally all black. They come on an array of darker shades.
  • Black pearls – considered as the rarest of the pearls. Wearing a pearl necklace gives you an added spring in your step and a sense of confidence whether shopping around the town or going to work.
  • Seawater pearls – are produced by oysters in oceans. These are commonly available in round shapes, making it in-demand among wearers. Not to mention, they are more lustrous.
  • South seawater pearls – are distinctly quality pearls with an almost silver, whitish color. Their roundness and smoothness are highly unique. South seawater pearls are the most extraordinary and rare pearls you will find in jewelry.
  • Akoya pearls – boast a high luster and extremely friendly design. No wonder, they are among the popular types of pearls highly sought-after in the jewelry industry. What’s more, their versatility and naturally elegant look and design will want you to have one in your collection.
  • Freshwater pearls – comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes, as well as affordable. We have cream, pink, gray, blue, gold, and traditional white freshwater pearls that match any attire and other accessories.

How to Choose Pearl Necklaces?

There are some critical factors to be considered in order to end up with a product you genuinely love wearing.

Pearl Type: We’ve already mentioned the different types of pearl necklaces you can buy. All have their own benefits and drawbacks. Freshwater pearls come from lakes and rivers. Saltwater pearls come from the ocean – lovely and show a gorgeous sheen. Saltwater also includes south sea, akoya, and black Tahitian.

Color: Pearl necklaces come in an array of colors as well, including black, silver, white, yellow, cream, and pink color. Each of them is beautiful and can complement well with many types of outfits.

Shape: If you prefer a pearl necklace with a round shape, opt for Akoya, South Sea, or Tahitian. Though round stones are pricier, hence you may want to consider a button-shaped or semi-spherical necklace.

Texture: The stone’s smoothness should be considered, too. Pearl necklaces with high-quality craftsmanship have the smoothest parts.

Size and Luster: Keep in mind that larger stones boast more luster. The average sizes of a stone that has shiny and beautiful luster are 7.5 mm to 9.5 mm.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace is the People’s Choice!

Not similar to other types of pearl (specifically seawater pearls), freshwater pearls are fully-fledged in lakes, rivers, and ponds. These pearls are very much cultured, ideally designed with matching size in various styles and lengths. Lavender, pink, black, white, and peach are among their popular colors. Its lustrous look and natural beauty have always lured women of all age.

Below are the styles of freshwater pearls.

  • Princess style: Refers to a pearl necklace with a length of 45 to 48 mm.
  • Collar style: Most suited to boat collar, formal evening wear, and V-shaped collar.
  • Short necklace: The most popular practical and classical option for ladies out there.
  • Cord style: Has a length of 110mm with long and graceful style pearls.
  • Opera style: Has a measurement of around 70 to 80 mm in length. Can greatly match high-collar dresses.
  • Martini style: Around 50 to 58 mm in length. It can delicately match any professional or casual suites.

So, would you still not be tempted not to buy pearl necklaces for your future special events or occasions? (I doubt!) This type of necklace has been one of the most in-demand pieces with quality and impressive design, and nothing can stop it from giving women the beautiful and sophisticated look they want.

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