Just over 20 years ago, there was a song in the pop charts called Girl on TV (by LFO). The song was pretty standard fare for that sort of thing, but the reason it stands out in my memory comes down to one lyric: “She’s from the City of Angels”. This was the first time that teenager me realised Los Angeles wasn’t just a cool name. It meant something.

Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with the initialed city of LA – I even thought it was something else the first time I saw people singing “LA” in the air, made from an upside-down two-finger V for the ‘A’ overlapping a right-angled thumb and pointer finger on the other hand for the ‘L’. Today, we’re going to look at why you should visit the city that less than 200 years ago only had a population of 700.

But first, speaking of population, LA is a bustling metropolis that four million people call home. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of the 50 million annual tourists. Say whhhat? Woompf, there it is. 50 million. That’s a lot of people. LA gets busier than a cake stand next to a weight loss club. That’s why we’re going to suggest having the details of a local personal injury lawyer to hand (for example, see Los Angeles based attorneys). And now, as promised, here are my favorite reasons to visit LA.

Pacific Battleship Center – Battleship IOWA

We’re jumping straight in with the big guns, literally. Once considered the world’s foremost predator of the high seas, this battleship-come-museum is a family day out that doesn’t have to break the bank. Tours are divided into several types of peaks behind the scenes (including a more kid-friendly tour), or you could choose the self-guided ‘wander at will’ option. Walk in the footsteps of President Roosevelt, President Reagan, and even Winston Churchill. The museum is full of exhibits, including a below deck combat game played in a digital theatre.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is LA’s “Gateway to the cosmos!”. Built-in 1935, the art deco observatory has been offering views of the city and views of the stars to anyone with an interest in taking the time to take a closer look. See the exhibits, attend a live show in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, and learn the times of the year you can see the planets of the solar system with the naked eye appearing near to the moon.

As you can see, LA is so much more than the Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame. Get out there and see the sights that will give you stories to tell beyond the standard LA experience.

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