There are legitimate ways you can grow your Twitter account without having to buy fake followers. Besides risking your account being downgraded, it may not offer a long-term strategy.

While buying Twitter followers from credible sellers comes with many benefits, falling into the trap of unscrupulous dealers may not only lead to account suspension but also taint the image of your brand.

Experts advise that it’s better to grow a Twitter follower count through the old-fashioned way rather than buying fake followers. Whether you want to build a personal brand or attract new customers, buying fake Twitter followers may not be a perfect idea.

A major point you need to note is that when buying Twitter followers, the majority of followers may not be real. This can easily be noticed when you end up with many followers on your Twitter account with zero engagement. Regardless of that, these followers may be inactive since they are not real.

If you are skeptical about buying fake Twitter followers, you can leverage a fake follower checker to identify whether you bought fake or real followers. That way, you will be able to ascertain whether you got value for your money or not.

Disadvantages of buying fake Twitter followers

In this article, we highlight some of the disadvantages of buying fake Twitter followers.

#1. Injures brand reputation

Injures brand reputation

The survival of any brand is solely dependent on how the target population perceives it. With a bad reputation, your brand is unlikely to stand the test of time. This is because negative perception kills a good reputation which is a recipe for failure in business.

Therefore buying fake Twitter followers can not only compromise your credibility but also reduce chances of achieving your business objectives. It is against this backdrop that you should avoid buying fake Twitter followers to avoid the uncertainty associated with having fake followers.

#2. Account suspension

Twitter’s algorithm can identify and flag fake profiles. For example, if you generate over 10k Twitter followers for your Twitter account with zero engagement, then your account risks being banned.

In other words, the number of Twitter followers on your profile should be proportional to the rate of engagement. This may not happen if you buy fake Twitter followers for your Twitter account. As such, you not only stand a chance to lose your account but also injure your brand image.

Generally, twitters terms of services warn against buying fake followers. Users who breach the terms of agreement risk facing account suspension or having their profiles deleted.Β  To avoid running into trouble with Twitter, you can either buy Twitter followers from credible dealers like, or put your effort into cultivating an engaging culture with your followers.

#3. Suppresses engagement

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While engagement is key in promoting your brand, adding fake followers to your Twitter account results in zero engagement. This is because once fake followers follow you, they never engage in any way. In the long run, you will end up with a massive Twitter following and zero engagement on your posts.

Typically, the whole point of social media is being able to engage, interact and share ideas and content. Even if the concept doesn’t mean much to you, the fact that you have over 20k followers with zero engagement reflects negatively on your brand.

#4 Fake followers pose risk to real Twitter followers

In an actual sense, many fake profiles engage in various scam activities. This means associated with such followers puts your followers at risk of being hacked. In worse-case scenarios, associating your Twitter account is likely to lead to fraud cases especially credit card fraud.

Therefore to avoid putting other followers at risk, avoid buying fake Twitter followers. That way, you not only avoid tainting your brand image but also save your legitimate followers from being scammed.

Buying fake followers has hurt the reputation of various figures and brands. If you are running a B2B company, the credibility of your brand can adversely be affected by buying fake followers.

#5. Increase chances of following fake accounts

If you invest resources in buying fake followers, then you are likely to follow several other fake Twitter profiles. When people start using Twitter, they are likely to follow back those who follow them.

While this may be a dubious growth strategy, most brands and individuals are likely to follow back their followers to grow their profiles. As a consequence, most individuals and businesses are accidentally following fake Twitter accounts.

The main undoing about following fake accounts is that it limits the number of people you can follow to 2000. Once you follow 2000 people, you can’t follow more unstill your follower ratio is proportional to the number of people who follow back.

Remember if you have a fake Twitter account, most followers may not follow back thereby posing a disaster to your growth efforts. In that case, your growth strategy is likely to stagnate making it difficult to achieve much with your Twitter account. This may be bad news for those who think buying a large number of Twitter followers can help them grow their profiles.

Have an optimized profile

Most people buy from people they trust hence using dubious means to look credible is a recipe for failure. With time people are likely to realize the truth and may soon avoid you. Through various free tools, you can easily identify credible Twitter accounts before engaging with the profiles. That way, you not only stand a chance to be scammed but also collaborate with credible brands.


Do not be carried away by the craze to grow your Twitter profile overnight. Take your time, engage and share valuable information that is useful to the target audience. The strategy will not only save your brand image from being questionable to being looked at as a credible business entity.

With millions of people scrambling for millions of Twitter users, you can accidentally fall into the trap of dubious deals promising growth through fake followers. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase real Twitter followers from and other credible platforms.

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