Are you confused by the words disability and handicap? You are not alone. They are two words many people use interchangeably and think they mean the same thing.

They do not mean the same thing at all. And understanding the difference between these two words is important no matter what your career is. You need to know the accommodations you need or provide them.

If you are not sure what the differences are between disability vs handicap, keep reading. We will go through all things disability vs handicap below.

What Counts as a Disability

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So what is a disability? A disability is a condition that limits a person’s physical or mental abilities.

Disabilities can be because of injuries, illnesses, or genetic conditions. Some disabilities are temporary, while others last a lifetime.

People with disabilities often face barriers in their everyday lives. These include the lack of access to transportation, buildings, and jobs.

There are laws in place to protect the rights of people with disabilities. These laws also ensure that they have equal access to opportunities.

There are many different types of disabilities that people can live with. Some disabilities are physical, such as being unable to walk or being blind.

Others are mental, such as having schizophrenia or being autistic. Some even consider anxiety a disability. For more on this, you can go to

What Counts as a Handicap

What is a handicap? A handicap is a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s ability to perform certain activities.

The term is often used for people with disabilities. But, it can also refer to any type of limitation or disadvantage.

Handicaps can be temporary or permanent, and they can vary in severity. Some people with handicaps can lead normal lives. Others need significant help and accommodations.

There is no single definition of what counts as a handicap. This is because it is a highly personal concept.


Disability vs Handicap: How They Are Different

Handicap and disability are often used interchangeably. But, there is a big difference between the two words.

A handicap implies that someone is at a disadvantage. Disability implies that someone is unable to do something.

In other words, a handicap is something that can be overcome with effort. Meanwhile, a disability is something that one cannot change.

This difference is important because it can change the way we see people with different abilities. When we see someone with a disability, we should see them as a whole person with unique strengths and weaknesses, not as someone who is at a disadvantage.

How Society Views Disability and Handicap

In general, society views disability and handicap as something to pity or avoid. People with disabilities are often seen as less capable. They are often excluded from many aspects of society.

Society Views Disability

This can be very isolating and frustrating for those with disabilities. It can lead to a feeling of worthlessness. While there are laws in place to protect people with disabilities, there is still a long way to go when it comes to social acceptance.

Why You Should Know the Difference

It is important to know the difference between disability and handicap because they are two separate concepts. Knowing the disability vs handicap differences can help you understand people with disabilities. With this, you can also take steps in accommodating them better.

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