The trucking industry is a crucial part of the economy. Truck drivers are the backbone of this industry. Truck driver jobs come in different shapes and sizes, with varying CDL requirements and various types of hauls.

In this article, we will explore the four different types of truckers. Keep reading and get insider knowledge of the trucking industry.

1. Delivery Types of Truckers

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Delivery truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods from one location to another. They work for various companies, including retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Delivery truck drivers usually have a regular schedule. They make multiple stops throughout the day to deliver packages or goods. To become a delivery truck driver, you need a CDL and pass a DOT physical exam. Most delivery truck drivers have an entry level driver training certificate.

Intermodal truckers transport goods and materials via ship, train, and truck. Local truckers make shorter trips to businesses and households alike with same-day delivery. Regional truckers provide a vital service by carrying goods from city to city and state.

Tanker truckers transport hazardous and explosive items such as gasoline, oil, and other liquids. Refrigerated truckers carry temperature-sensitive items, such as food and biomedical supplies, and ensure the goods remain in good condition.

2. Dump Trucks

Dump truck drivers are responsible for hauling dirt, gravel, or sand. They work for construction companies, mining companies, or municipalities.

They handle transporting materials, debris, and finished products necessary for completing projects and construction works. They need to be able to identify the correct sites for dumping materials. They need to keep the bed of their truck level when leaving any items.

Dump truck drivers operate a dump truck with a hydraulic bed that can be raised or lowered to dump the load. To become a dump truck driver, you need a CDL and pass a DOT physical exam. Most dump truck drivers have an entry-level driver training certificate.

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3. Long-haul Trucks

Long-haul truck drivers transport goods over long distances, usually between states or countries. They work for trucking companies or as owner-operators. Long-haul truck drivers operate tractor-trailers or big rigs and may spend several weeks away from home.

To become a long-haul truck driver, you need a CDL and pass a DOT physical exam. Most long-haul truck drivers have completed an accredited truck driver training program.

4. Owner-Operator Truck Drivers

Owner-operators are truck drivers who own and operate their trucking businesses. They have their own clients and have the freedom to choose their loads and schedule. They are also responsible for maintaining their truck and finding their clients.

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Get a Trucking Job Today

The trucking industry is diverse. There are different types of truckers with varying CDL requirements and types of hauls. Whether you are interested in delivering packages, hauling materials, transporting goods over long distances, or owning your trucking business, you have a truck driver job.

To become a truck driver, obtain a CDL and pass a DOT physical exam. Complete an accredited truck driver training program. This can increase your chances of landing a job in the trucking industry.

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