Many Americans love hopping on the highway and taking a road trip in a recreational vehicle, otherwise called an RV. There are many different types of RVs, but it’s up to you to decide on which one you should use.

If you’re at a loss as to which one you should consider, here is a quick guide on the different kinds of motorhomes you can decide to use for your next family trip

The Many Types of Motorhomes

Know Your RV Limits

Motorhomes are generally divided into two types, ones that are hauled and ones that are actual vehicles. Luckily there is an RV to fit whatever you need. Just take your pick.

Lightweight Trailer

Lightweight trailers are made for low-towage vehicles. They’re more aerodynamic and although the weight is significantly reduced, it still affords you many of the amenities you’d need in your home.

Travel Trailer

These are more in line with your stereotypical towed trailer. You’ll need a pickup truck or something with the equivalent towing ability to pull the weight around, but they give you, even more, comfortability than their lightweight counterparts.

There are many different kinds that you can choose from depending on your needs. They can also range in size from as small as a lightweight to as big as a miniature house.

If you’re looking for one of these to add to your super duty hauling truck, you can check them out here.

Fifth Wheel

Have a Plan for Rv trip

Also called the ‘fiver’, the fifth wheel RV is a hauler that isn’t so bad for towing, as they’re easier to manage while driving. The area above the flatbed can be used for many things. Usually, it’s used as a bedroom suite but also can be a lounge area or even a kitchen.

Class A Motorhome

Generally, there are three kinds of motorized RVs, and Class A is the largest and most elegant. They’re made for family road-tripping and they give all the comforts of being at home while being on the road, such as upscale restrooms, lounging areas, and comfortable sleeping areas.

Class B Camper Van

Class B is a healthy mix of both Class A and Class C motorhomes. They’re usually built-in vans or panel trucks. They can carry galley kitchens and nice bathrooms. However, they’re usually made only for up to three people.

Class C Motorhome

Choosing an RV park

If the Class A motorhome is too expensive for you, then the Class C RV would be better price-wise. They’re still made for larger families and offer better mileage than class A. They can be full or super-sized and still give you the same comfortability as class A.

Know the Types of RVs

Summer is here and there are so many types of RVs to choose from. Don’t let your indecisiveness stop your family from having fun. Get you and your family a new RV today and enjoy all the wonders the USA has to offer.

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