The US medical field has more than 110,566 physical therapists today. An aging population creates high demand for these doctors.

Physical therapy is beneficial because it speeds up your recovery process. It also enables you to manage pain, recover from trauma or injury, and boost your movement.

Finding the right therapy is ideal for easing your recovery. Here, we discuss various types of physical therapy to improve your health condition.



This treatment is among the types of physical therapy for the elderly’s mobility and movement issues. Geriatric therapy treats your arthritis and osteoporosis conditions.

Treating such diseases lowers physical pain and boosts your natural movement and mobility. Also, the therapy strengthens your muscles to help you regain balance and functioning ability.

In the long run, you improve your health and wellbeing to perform your daily tasks.


Occupational therapy focuses on manual laborers who always lift heavy loads. Such individuals may be concrete workers, plumbers, or roofers.

This physical therapy speeds up your recovery from non-accident injuries sustained while at work. It also educates you on healthy ways to lift objects off the ground without hurting your back.

The treatment teaches you to assume a proper posture and use your knees when lifting a heavy load. Besides, occupational therapy improves your physical fitness by toughening your core and chest.


Pediatric is the best physical therapy for children’s mobility and growth issues. The therapy treats various health issues affecting your kids’ social, mental, and physical health.

Some illnesses treated include:

  • Limb ailments
  • Severe injuries
  • Congenital illnesses
  • Genetic diseases
  • Head trauma

Early detection and treatment of such conditions allow your children to be independent. The treatment gives kids the confidence to perform various daily activities. Pediatric therapy boosts your kids’ mobility, learning process, and self-esteem in the long run.


Finding the Best Orthopedic Doctor for Your Needs

Orthopedic therapy is a treatment method to correct abnormalities in various body parts. Such include ligaments, muscles, and joints. Specialists also use it to treat tendon and bone issues in patients with arthritis.

Orthopedic therapy involves stimulating and stretching muscles. Doctors use special tools to improve bone, joints, and muscle functioning.

The main benefits of this treatment are:

  • Improving the range of motion
  • Avoiding excess scar buildup
  • Helping you avoid surgery

Another benefit of orthopedic therapy is lowering pain. This aspect prevents using pain relief drugs for an extended period.


This physical therapy treatment focuses on chronic obstructive pulmonary condition. It also treats heart attack and pulmonary fibrosis. Treating such diseases improves your functional independence and endurance.

Through exercise, you can lower stress for your heart’s optimal health. The therapists also guide you on strengthening your muscles. Besides, the treatment gives you ideas on how to manage long-term heart and breathing diseases.

Understanding the Types of Physical Therapy

physical therapy

Various types of physical therapy can speed up recovery. They also improve independence through improved body functioning. Moreover, you can avoid addiction resulting from the continued use of some drugs.

Early identification of health issues helps therapists to assess your best treatment plan. Thus, placing your kids in therapy prevents future health issues.

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