Did you know that hospitals and nursing homes often use different scrub colors for doctors, nurses, and nurses aides?

Why Select Specific Scrub Colors for Medical Staff?

Although some nurses don’t like having to wear a certain color of scrubs, having a scrub colors code can help patients and visitors figure out who’s who.

Are you wondering if you should institute color-coded scrubs for your staff? We’ll take you through a few popular options and let the nurses have the final vote.

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1. White: Traditional Favorite for Nurses

Although white has been a traditional favorite for nurses’ scrubs, many health care professionals choose to skip this color coded scrubs in hospitals entirely.

It can be difficult to keep white scrub colors clean if they come into contact with any bodily fluids or dirt.

White isn’t flattering for all body types and many nurses prefer darker colors to give them more of a sense of authority.

White might be a great choice for doctors who want to put in a system of color-coded scrubs in hospitals and nursing homes. It reflects a feeling of purity and order.

Some Asian cultures, however, associate the color white with illness and death.

Red is a popular color for scrubs in some hospitals, but experts say that color-coded scrubs in hospitals should steer clear.

Red can have a negative connotation with blood, and patients may feel uncomfortable looking at bright red scrubs all day.

They are easier to keep clean than white, but often hospitals want a color that is more relaxing than red. You’ll never see a hospital or nursing home with red walls or red carpeting.

Overall, red might not be the best color choice because it’s so closely associated with emergencies.

Blue is a popular choice for doctors, but nurses often rebel against the idea of wearing blue all time.

They want to stand out and be able to rotate the colors of their scrubs. However, color coded scrubs in hospitals uniforms can keep things in a large hospital.

Doctors’ uniforms used to be white, just like nurses’ uniforms, but that changed about 100 years ago. They started to choose blue scrubs because they look professional and don’t show dirt.

Blue is a great color for scrubs but it can come across as overly formal.

It might be a good idea to let the nurses vote on which color they would prefer, or allow employees to wear different scrub colors.

Green is another color that is popular with surgeons. Doctors and nurses consistently report that they would rather wear any color besides orange.

Green is great at covering up bodily fluids, looks good on a variety of skin tones, and is seen as a professional color for healthcare workers.

If you want your employees to follow a scrubs color code, there are so many shades of green that each department could wear a different shade.

Nurses could wear hunter green, aides could wear turquoise green, and surgeons could wear a lighter shade of green.

Green encourages growth and is a calming, relaxing hue.

5. Patterns: It Identify Nurses and Aides

Even though it might be more confusing for patients, you might want to consider letting nurses and aides wear scrubs that have patterns on them.

Patients would be able to identify nurses and aides by the patterns on their shirts and employee morale would probably improve.

The downside about patterned scrubs is that they can look chaotic. Bringing a streamlined look to the staff of a hospital is sometimes more important than allowing the flexibility to wear different patterned scrubs.

On the flip side, patterns can really liven up a hospital or nursing home. Patterned scrubs are a conversation starter for nurses and patients and can generate a feeling of closeness and relaxation.

6. Black: For Nurses

If all else fails, try black scrubs for nurses and green for aides. Black works with every skin tone, doesn’t show dirt, and imparts a look of professionalism.

What happens sometimes with other colors is that employees shop at different stores – that all sell slightly different shades of green, for example.

Black scrubs minimize chaos and bring a sense of order to orderlies and to nurses.

Single-colored scrubs are also usually less expensive than patterned scrubs, and darker colors are always easier to keep clean.

Blue Sky Scrubs offers a wide range of modern scrub wear that’s designed for nurses who want comfort and fashion.

Which Color Coded Scrubs in Hospitals are Best?

Ultimately, the best scrub colors are the ones that everyone can agree on and feel good about.

You have to consider what is easy to clean, not depressing or overly bright, and fits in well with the style of your color coded scrubs in hospitals or nursing home.

It is very important that visitors and patients be able to easily identify nurses, aides, housekeeping, and doctors.

Why are the Scrubs Color Codded?

Before you settle on a system of color coded scrubs in hospitals, take the time and poll the staff. You might be surprised at what’s the most popular scrub colors.

Overall, nurses say that they don’t want to wear pink, orange, or brown. They want scrubs that they can feel good in and that are comfortable for long shifts.

Great scrubs are a lot like great workout clothes. They need to be durable, comfortable, and fashionable.

How Can I Dress up My Scrubs?

Once you figure out the scrub colors code you can start thinking of ways to dress them up.

You can find scrubs shirts that are tailored to your figure and scrubs pants that are fitted in the leg.

Many hospitals also allow employees to wear earrings or head scarves, little touches that can make a big difference in how you look wearing color coded scrubs in hospitals.

When you Find the Right Color Coded Scrubs in Hospitals?

Make sure you buy several extra outfits. It’s always better to have a pair of color coded scrubs in hospitals on hand in case you have to change at work for some reason.

It’s just a work uniform, but we spend so much time wearing scrubs that they have to be attractive and easy to wear.

We’re always interested in your opinion! Drop us a line and let us know your tips and tricks for looking great at work from our medical section.

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