China has seen the rapid growth in the number of international tourists visiting many of the most famous landmarks in the country.

And yet, many tourists in China travel to the ancient capital of Beijing, the modern metropolis of Shanghai, and the Great Wall of China.

However, there is much more to see in China than these amazing destinations. If you want to explore part of China that is frequently neglected, head South.

Southern China has a lot to offer the adventurous backpacker, the excited honeymooners, and the family vacationers. 

Are you not sure where to go? Check out our list of the top 10 places to visit in Southern China below!

1. Macau

Best Things You Must Do in Guilin, China

If you want to experience the glitz and glamor of Southern China, head to the island of Macau. This is Vegas, Chinese style!

There are nearly 40 casinos on the island, a bunch of luxury and budget hotels and restaurants that serve cuisine from around the world.

The former Portuguese colony also has a fascinating history. After you have spent your final dollar in the casino, you’ll walk around the corner to find yourself surrounded by European-style architecture.

2. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of the influential province of Canton. Your high school mandarin won’t help you here so much, you need to speak Cantonese to converse with the locals.

The skyline in this modern city is extremely impressive. Especially the Canton Tower, which is more than 2,000 feet tall. 

You can do everything in this megacity. Go shopping, eat incredible food, or look up at the amazing architecture. It has it all!

3. The Great Wall in the South

The Great Wall of China is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world. And yet, few people realize that the Southern China also has a great wall.

The Great Wall in the South spans around 200 miles. The wall wasn’t constructed to keep out the “barbarians” to the north, but the Mio peoples to the south of the kingdom.

4. Huangguoshu Falls

In Southern China, there are a bunch of incredible natural wonders. The Huangguoshu Falls are certainly up there with the best of them.

As the tallest waterfall in China, the 74-meter drop of water is quite breathtaking to experience for yourself. If you catch a rainbow, you’ll be astonished by the beauty.

Remember to bring your swimsuit. You can swim below the waterfall during the warmer weather.

5. Yangshuo County

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Yangshuo County is unique in the world. The spectacular landscape attracts tourists from around the world who flock to be surrounded by picturesque mountains.

Are you an activities person? You can do everything from hiking to cycling around this incredible natural wonder.

There is also a vibrant nightlife in the hub of Xijie, where you can enjoy live music, delicious international cuisine and get your hands on a variety of souvenirs.

6. Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a melting pot. 

East meets West. Modern meets Old. Rich meets Poor.

You’re as likely to encounter a British businessman as you are a Buddhist monk on the island.

Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating destinations in South China. You can explore the delicious Dim Sum cuisine, shop til’ you drop and go for a hike on the same day. 

Make sure you head up to the Victoria Peak and hop over to the other side of the island to capture the light show during the evenings. 

7. Shenzhen

If you want to visit a city that encapsulates the transition of China into a rich and modern country, head over to Shenzhen.

In the late 1970s, Shenzhen was a town with under 30,000 people. Now the mega-city has a population bigger than New York City.

This thriving city has numerous shopping malls, art hubs, and innovative restaurants to experience. The cutting edge architecture is also incredible.

8. Dragon Well Tea Garden in Hangzhou

During your time in China, you won’t be able to avoid drinking green tea. It’s everywhere!

The simple beverage is extremely healthy and the source of vitality among many of the people of China and beyond.

You can learn about the tea at the Dragon Well Tea Garden in Hangzhou. This is where some of the finest tea in the world is grown.

9. Zhangjiajie’s National Forest Park

Do you remember the backdrop to Avatar? That wasn’t totally a computer simulation. The movie was actually based on the breathtaking forest in Zhangjiajie, in the South of China.

If you want to explore the most incredible national parks in China, the Zhangjiajie’s National Forest Park is definitely worth a visit.

10. Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve

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From air pollution to the destruction of wildlife, China has a bunch of environmental problems. However, the national nature reserve in Sanya is an example of the best environmental protection.

The tropical coral reef is a chance to get up close with the aquatic beauty which China enjoys at the coastline. You can learn more about destinations in the South of China.

Why You Should Visit Southern China!

Everything from modern cities to natural wonders can be experienced in Southern China. You’ll be amazed by what you can see in this amazing part of the world.

If you want to visit one of the most modern cities in the world, head over the Shenzhen or Guangzhou. If you prefer natural wonders, the coral reefs of Sanya or the mountains of Yangshao are worth a visit.

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