Despite expressing concerns with his state’s “fetal personhood” amendment, which would define life as beginning at conception, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour voted for it anyway. “He did vote absentee ballot in his hometown of Yazoo City yesterday and he did vote for the Personhood Amendment, which is called also Initiative 26 here in Mississippi,” says Laura Hipp, Barbour’s spokesperson.

“I voted for it, I struggled with it, I have some concerns about it, but I think, all in all, I believe life begins at conception so I think the right thing to do was vote for it,” said Barbour, while speaking to reporters at a political rally yesterday.

Personhood USA, the group that sponsored Mississippi’s Initiative 26, trumpeted the news on its blog today.

Via Personhood USA:

Personhood USA was pleased to learn on Thursday night that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has voted “Yes” on Amendment 26 via absentee ballot. The amendment to the Mississippi Constitution will recognize every human being, from conception, as a legal person. The Governor made the announcement while taking questions at a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate, and Yes on 26 campaign Co-chair, Lt. Governor Phil Bryant.

“Personhood USA congratulates Governor Barbour for making the correct decision in voting to protect the lives of the innocent,” said Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA. “The babies that will be saved by Amendment 26 will live, grow up, and return to thank the Governor along with the overwhelming number of politicians, medical professionals, and citizens who have advocated for their right to live.”

Like many of the amendment’s critics, Barbour expressed concerns earlier in the week that the passage of the amendment could backfire for the anti-abortion movement. Defining life from the moment of conception could lead to a host of legal issues and cause problems for those undergoing in vitro fertilization, or those wishing to take the birth control pill. Some worry that pregnant women that suffer a miscarriage (by, for example, falling down a flight of stairs) could even face charges.

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