Heating makes your house feel like a home. When the weather is cold, the toasty air welcomes you when you open your front door. Not only do we want to feel cozy, but we also want our homes to look good too. You can have both! A radiator no longer needs to be a dull, boring element mounted on your wall to be forgotten about. There is a range of innovative and forward-thinking designer radiators that will bring cozy vibes and look good whilst doing it. From conventional column radiators to slick vertical radiators, there’s something to suit everyone’s kitchen and bathroom.

Radiators For Your Kitchen

Radiators for your kitchen

Kitchens are at the heart of every home. No matter the size, heating this room is essential for comfort and for practicality such as drying laundry or drying yourself off after a rainy walk. There is a designer radiator available to suit kitchens of all different shapes and styles. If your kitchen is smaller you may need to opt for a tall radiator, which needs a narrow space and hangs vertically rather than horizontally. These radiators work well when there is minimal floor space and can provide excellent levels of heat. If there is a particularly cold area in your kitchen, it is advised that this is the best place to install your radiator. Sometimes this means under a window, as the cold air helps with heat conductivity.

How Many Do You Need?

As a rule, it is suggested that you need one radiator for every 4 meters in your kitchen, so the number of radiators you need will depend on your room’s dimensions. A bigger space may need more than one radiator or something larger to heat the whole room, whereas a smaller space may need a radiator that is more compact but is still able to produce a lot of heat.

Bathroom Radiators

Bathroom Radiators

Bathroom radiators are a must-have not just in winter but all year round. Not only do they help to dry off your bathroom when you’re done washing, but they also make your bathroom look elite and stylish whilst providing you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. You can choose from traditional bathroom radiators in a range of different colors and finishes, slimline and chic, or opt for a more modern bathroom radiator, using the color and style to enhance your bathroom’s design.

Smaller Spaces

Smaller spaces

Small in size but big on heat. If you have a small space that needs some warmth, there are modern designs that are perfect for you. Designer radiators are available to suit all bathrooms, so you can choose from a range of compact heaters that will be small enough to not take away any of your precious space but will give off enough heat to make your bathroom as cozy as possible on a cold, winter morning.

Smaller bathrooms can be prone to humidity. Opting for a modern heating option that allows for extra protection against moisture can stop this from happening without compromising on heat output.

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