A gorgeous, gleaming grin can be a game-changer for people suffering from dramatic dental dilemmas. However, many patients do not understand the differences between a dental implant vs crown.

The decision between getting a crown vs implant will depend upon the severity of your unique dental case, your budget, your health, and your desired results. To have a more in-depth conversation about the difference between implants and crowns, it is best to contact your dentist.

Here’s an easy overview to get you started

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown greatly resembles your natural tooth and acts as a cover to protect and support a tooth that is broken, decayed, or discolored. Dental crowns are typically crafted from acrylic or porcelain. They cover the tooth’s entire surface above its gum-line.

Dental crowns are not anchored in place and don’t extend below the gum-line. This makes it critical to maintain excellent oral health and hygiene in order to preserve your smile and protect the damaged tooth from further wear and tear. And if you are looking for a reputable dentist to get a dental crown, we would highly recommend this VIP dental practice for their expertise.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are rooted to your jawbone and underneath the gum. The main difference between a crown and implant is that dental implants don’t merely cover the damaged or decayed tooth, it replaces it entirely.

A dental implant is implanted directly into your bone. The implant’s hospital-grade titanium root fuses with the bone once it heals, enabling it to last a lifetime because it is made from a biocompatible material, encouraging new bone growth.

Once the implant is securely rooted to the bone, an abutment is placed on top of it. This abutment, connected directly to the top of the implant, helps to support its permanent restoration.

Dental Implant vs Crown

So you may still be wondering if implants or crowns are right for you. Here are the main differences:

  • A dental implant is a cap that covers the entire surface of a tooth while a dental implant replaces the root of your natural tooth
  • Implants will last a lifetime, while dental crowns should be replaced every 10 years or sooner
  • You can treat an implant like a normal tooth while crowns require special care and diligent oral hygiene
  • Crown vs. implant cost: Crowns are much more affordable than implants, but in the long run, crown replacement costs can really add up
  • Crowns don’t require surgery while dental implants do and need a slightly longer visitation and recovery times

As you can see, there are major differences between dental implants and dental crowns. While implants are more expensive in the short run and require surgery, they will last a lifetime, while crowns will need to be replaced every decade or so.

How You Can Safely Restore Your Smile

If you have broken, decaying, or discolored teeth, a dental implant or crown may be right for you. In order to talk more about which choice will better cater to your needs, and to learn more about a dental implant vs crown, contact your dentist today.

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