The Democratic Governors Association wired $2 million to the Florida Democratic Party to support Florida CFO Alex Sink’s campaign for governor, Politico reported Wednesday morning.

With Sink holding a slight edge over her Republican opponent Rick Scott in the polls, the contribution is a sign that — in an otherwise anti-Democratic tide — Democrats see Sink having a good chance of winning in a swing state, which would pay dividends for 2012.

As for Rick Scott, his 527, Let’s Get to Work, posted a $50,000 contribution from Blue Cross Blue Shield on Sept. 7; Blue Cross Blue Shield had previously donated to his primary opponent Bill McCollum’s 527. BCBS insures 27 percent of all Floridians with health insurance, according to the GAO (.pdf), giving it the largest market share in the state.

Another new donation to Let’s Go to Work is $50,000 from a Jacksonville staffing firm, Incepture.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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