How do you go about creating a memorable healthcare logo for your practice?

The average person is exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 brand messages every single day. You need an above-average logo to stand out from all of the other messages.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your logo. Even some of the top corporations didn’t spend a lot on their logos.

Nike spent just $35 on its logo. Google and Coca-Cola spent nothing on their logos because they were designed by their respective founders.

You can do the same for your business as long as you know what goes into a great logo design.

Communicate Your Practice Immediately

Your logo represents everything that your practice stands for and how you serve your patients. That seems like a tall task, given that it’s usually on a small space on a business card or a website.

The thing is, people process visual images 60,000 times faster than reading text. In the blink of an eye, you can communicate a lot about your healthcare business.

The top consideration when creating your logo is what you want people to know about your medical clinic. Write down the top three things people should know about your practice.

One thing that’s important for people to know is your specialty. There are over 125 specialties in medicine, and you’re going to want people to know what you practice immediately. Another consideration is the name of your medical clinic.

Check Out Your Competition

If you look around at other healthcare logos, you’ll find a few patterns. Naturopaths and practitioners that tend to be alternative medicine use a lot of green in their logos.

Older, more established companies like insurance companies use blue in their logos.

Others will use generic icons like a red medical cross or an ambulance.

As you look at other logos, write down what elements you liked that you can incorporate and elements that you can do without in your logo.

As you design your logo, you’ll need to make sure that your logo doesn’t look like a logo that your competitor uses. People will be confused and that could open you up to a trademark lawsuit.

Choose Your Typeface

The type that you use for your business name and it has a big impact as this will carry over into every other element of your marketing.

Your brochures, for instance, will have to be in a typeface that matches the typeface of your logo. Otherwise, it will look like it was just thrown together.

Your type can convey friendliness and quality, among many other emotions.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Make the font legible from any distance.
  • Keep it nice and simple. There’s no need for fancy fonts.
  • The typeface should play well with other elements of the logo.

As you’re selecting different elements of the healthcare logo, you can test different fonts to see how they interact with the other elements, such as color and the icon.

Choice of Color

Your choice of color is what will be processed immediately. People have an instant reaction and make assumptions based on the color of your logo.

For example, purple conveys luxury, red is bold and loud, while blue signifies stability and security. Red is used by the Red Cross because it gives a sense of urgency to disaster relief efforts.

Go back to the list of items that you want to convey about your practice. Now match that up to a color.

In the healthcare sector, blue is the most widely used color and match that with a white background. That combination tells people that they’re safe, secure, pure, and reassuring.

You have a typeface and you have a color. Now it’s time to add an image to your healthcare logo design.

The icon or a symbol that you use can say a little more about your practice and who you work with.

They can be abstract or not. If your practice services families, you can use an image that outlines a family.

The shape of the symbol that you use also has an impact. Circles communicate community, togetherness, and love.

Squares and triangles are seen as professional, efficient, and strength. Vertical lines can be interpreted as strong or aggressive while horizontal lines are calm and tranquil.

The key to a great icon is to make it accessible, simple and says something about your medical practice.

Putting Your Healthcare Logo Together

Once you have each of the major elements of the logo, you can put them together.

At first, you may want to write them down on a piece of paper and sketch out a few options. You can brainstorm alternatives and work on making the logo perfect.

After that, use online tools to create your logo. There are plenty of free tools like LogoMaker that you can use to build your logo in minutes. All you have to do is enter your industry, company name, and tagline.

Healthcare Mistakes to Avoid

Before you finalize your logo, print it out and apply it in different formats where you’ll use it. Put a small logo on your business card, polo shirt, or

You’ll be able to see how your logo looks in action. You’ll also want to check to see if you’re making one of these common mistakes.

The first is that the logo is too busy or cluttered. You want to keep your logo as simple and easy to read as possible.

When you look at your logo, does another business or logo come to mind? If so, you’ll want to make adjustments to ensure yours is original.

A Bold Logo for a Bold Business

Your logo needs to be strong enough to stand out from thousands of other brand messages that people see every single day.

When you use the design tips listed here to create a bold logo that tells people what your practice is about, you’re sure to stand out and have a full business.

You can use the healthcare logo in promotional marketing to make a huge impact.

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