Did your parents ever tell you that listening to music too loud could cause sudden hearing loss? Have you ever noticed how your headphone volume will turn red after a certain level?

Both of those scenarios have some truth to them. You can suffer hearing loss from loud noises. You could also suffer hearing loss after long-term noise exposure.

While you may have known those facts, you may not know much more about hearing loss or how it can happen. Read on as we debunk some of the most common hearing loss myths below.

1. Hearing Loss is Permanent

sudden hearing loss

When most people think about hearing loss, they assume it’s permanent. In some cases it is, but a huge amount of sufferers do go on to recover. In fact, about 60-65% of patients with sudden hearing loss recover within one month.

Thanks to technology, hearing loss is also not a huge issue. With hearing aids, most people can enjoy comfortable ranges of audio.

2. Only Older People Suffer Hearing Loss

Only Older People Suffer Hearing Loss

Do you associate hearing loss with getting older? This is a common misconception and myth about hearing loss!

Presbycusis is age-related hearing loss, but it’s not the only form. People of any age can suffer from hearing loss due to non-age related factors. For instance, hearing loss can result from trauma or a serious infection. Noise exposure is another common cause.

3. You’ll Know if a Noise is Too Loud Right Away

You'll Know if a Noise is Too Loud Right Away

Most people assume that they’d know if they were hearing a noise that was too loud right away. They think a noise that could cause hearing loss would be painful. Sometimes that’s the case, but it’s not always true.

In fact, many people experience sudden hearing loss after years of noise pollution. Damage may not be noticeable right away, especially if it happens over time.

4. Hearing Loss Means a Total Loss of Hearing

Hearing Loss Means a Total Loss of Hearing

Another common misconception about hearing loss is that it means you’re 100% deaf. This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth!

In many situations, hearing loss could mean a range of things. It could mean phantom noises like tinnitus. Head to https://wichitafallshearing.com/what-causes-tinnitus/ for more information on that.

It could also mean a reduced ability to hear that’s not absolute. For instance, many of those that suffer describe a gradual loss of hearing. Sounds become faint and muffled. Others describe the loss as sounding like they’re underwater.

Seek Treatment if You Experience Sudden Hearing Loss

Are you or a loved one currently experiencing sudden hearing loss? If so, then you might think up one of these myths at first. Now that you know the truth, though, you should seek out treatment.

In most cases, you’ll experience a full recovery. A prompt response is your best defense against long-term damage.

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