Can you sue for racial profiling? Yes.

David Conners was minding his own business and shopping for home decor. Suddenly a Fayetteville Police officer stopped him, accused him of shoplifting, and handcuffed him on the spot. Now David is working closely with a lawyer to sue Walmart for the discrimination.

There are situations where hiring a lawyer is in your best interest. However, some people shy away from getting legal help because of lawyer myths.

People assume legal help is too complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. The truth? Lawyers are affordable, easy to work with, and eager to earn your business.

Read on to unveil the truth about attorneys, so you can get the help you need!

It’s Hard to Afford a Lawyer

Lawyer for Auto Accidents

One of the most prominent lawyer myths is that they’re too expensive to hire. True, there are some lawyers out there who cost a whole lot to work with. However, that doesn’t mean every lawyer will have a hefty retainer fee and ridiculous payment plan.

In fact, there are a lot of lawyers out there who understand the urgent need people have for legal help. They position themselves so that they can be available to people of all economic backgrounds.

You don’t have to be rich to hire a lawyer. You don’t even have to have a ton of money in your savings account! Often, all you need to hire a lawyer is a case worth pursuing.

If your case is worth the lawyer’s time, they’ll probably be willing to work with you on a contingency basis. Contingency pay plans are structured so that you only pay if you win.

If you’ve ever seen a lawyer advertising that they’ll only make money if they win your case, they probably offer a contingency option. Every lawyer is going to have a different way of setting up their contingency plans.

Some lawyers will require you to give 10% of your settlement award. Other lawyers might require a higher or lower percentage. Do a little bit of shopping around so that you can find the best price without sacrificing legal experience.

how to find a personal injury lawyer

The legal industry can be intimidating. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with case litigation understands how confusing legal speak can be. That’s why you can rest easy that when you hire a lawyer, they’re going to be able to translate the legal jargon for you.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that their lawyer is going to only speak to them in legal terms. They almost feel as if they’ll need a crash course in civil law to consult with their own attorney. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Lawyers are used to working in a customer-facing role. When you work with the public, you learn how to communicate effectively.

Any lawyer who wants to stand up against their competition knows that they have to be a great communicator. They have to be able to reach out to their clients in a way that hits home.

As long as you read a few online reviews to find a personable lawyer, you shouldn’t have to worry about legal jargon. Your attorney will be able to break everything down for you in a way that makes sense.

The Best Lawyer Always Goes to Court

Is this your first time needing legal help? A lot of people who are dealing with the legal system for the first time automatically assume that every case goes to trial.

For some, they believe that their lawyer takes the case to trial on purpose, just to draw things out a little bit longer. After all, if things take longer, that means the lawyer will make more money, right? Not quite.

The truth is, a lot of cases never go to trial. For instance, sexual harassment lawyers are almost always able to handle things in a discrete, fast manner. A lot of lawyers try to avoid going to trial at all costs.

However, every case is different. Set up a free consultation with the lawyer today and ask them about your case’s likelihood of going to trial.

If your case needs to go to trial, find out if the lawyer will be willing to take it there. There are some lawyers who refuse to go to court, even if the case requires it. You’ll want to find a lawyer who’s willing to go to trial but also knows ways around it.

Were you involved in a car accident, or are you dealing with some other type of personal injury case? When you’re hurt, it can be hard to determine whether or not you need to reach out for legal help.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of believing that lawyers only take on cases when there are big injuries. Big injuries such as scarring, permanent disablement, or limb loss.

It’s true that lawyers can have more successful outcomes when the injuries are more severe. It’ll be easier for them to collect more damages since they’ll be able to prove the need with medical cost. However, that’s not to say that lawyers will only take on cases with big injuries.

Sometimes, a personal injury case won’t have large physical injuries, but they’ll be underlying emotional injuries. For instance, maybe you walked away from the car accident physically fine, but your experiencing PTSD. PTSD can be a type of emotional pain and suffering, and your lawyer can help you sue for that.

If you are experiencing any type of injury or harm because of someone else’s negligence, you should reach out to an attorney. You might have a case and not even know it.

Unveiling Lawyer Myths

Unveiling the truth about lawyer myths puts you in a position of power. Now it’s time to put that power into action.

Start looking for the best lawyer near you today. Find out whether or not you have a case, and determine if it’s the kind of case that needs to go to trial.

From there, you and your attorney can come up with a game plan that puts you in a position of success. You deserve to succeed, and we want to help you get there. Read another article for more advice.

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