The hair care industry is worth over $77 billion and is projected to grow substantially (no pun intended!) by the end of the decade.

Most consumers are at least somewhat invested in hair care, even if their routine is as simple as shampooing their hair a few times a week. Most consumers are also familiar with at least a few hair myths that they likely believe to be true.

Does shampooing every day damage your hair? Is it crucial that you switch up your hair care products every few months? Is conditioner making your hair greasy?

Read on to find out the truth behind some of the most popular hair myths.

Hair Myth 1: Too Much Shampoo Damages Your ‘Do

Too Much Shampoo Damages Your 'Do

Dry shampoo is a big deal nowadays, and with it comes the idea that washing your hair in the shower daily causes your hair to become dry, brittle, and damaged. While it makes good sense to only wash your hair when it needs it, a daily washing routine isn’t a problem.

What’s more important is that you’re using hair products that are formulated for your hair type. Different products are created for different types of hair to ensure that every hair type receives the love and care it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

Hair Myth 2: Your Hair “Gets Used to” Your Hair Care Products

Your Hair Care Products

Here’s another one that sounds logical until you really think about it: the myth that you need to switch up your hair products every few months, or your hair will stop “reacting well” to it. The truth is, your hair is not a living organism and won’t become “immune” to anything you put on it.

If you don’t like your hair products, go ahead and switch it up, but don’t feel like you have to abandon your favorite shampoo.

What’s more important is that you understand the quality and effect of what you’re buying. Learn more here about the potential problems that arise when you buy a beauty product without understanding it.

Hair Myth 3: Conditioner Is Bad for Greasy Hair

Conditioner Is Bad for Greasy Hair

Some people assume that high-grease hair types don’t need conditioner. Furthermore, they may believe that conditioner contributes to the presence of grease.

What we think of as “greasy hair” is hair that produces a lot of sebum. Sebum is an oil produced by your scalp, not by hair products. While it’s good to condition the ends of your hair and not your scalp, conditioner is not a bad product for greasy hair; in fact, it’s pretty important for the health of any hair type.

Stick to the Hair Essentials and Skip the Hair Myths

Whether you stick to a quick and simple hair care routine or you’ve got a ten-step process, it’s important to recognize hair myths. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is find hair essentials that work well for your hair type, and learn more about how they work.

Hair health isn’t the only thing we should pay attention to. If you’re looking for more articles on health, wellness, and beauty topics, such as hair transplant tips, exercise guides, and botox guides, take a look around as we cover all sorts of important topics.

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