Moving is stressful. Even still, nearly 9.8% of the U.S. population moved last year alone.

So when you’re planning your big move, how can you keep moving anxiety at bay? We’ve rounded up the best tips on the internet to help.

Check out the ways

Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

Packing, staying organized, and moving can be a lot more time consuming than you may expect, so don’t wait until the last minute to get started. You can even start some packing and moving tasks as many as two to three months ahead of schedule.

You can start by packing up and sorting through things you don’t use often, like storage areas, out of season gear, or the garage. You can also start to take things off the walls or go through closets months in advance. These areas won’t affect your day to day life that much, so there’s no harm in getting ahead of the curve.

Starting a few months in advance can help you stay organized and feel more in control of the move.

Get Help

Hiring professional movers may seem like an unnecessary splurge. And while there are certainly pros and cons of hiring professional movers, it’s probably worth the expense.

Professional movers can help you save time, and they can safely transport heavy and fragile items so you don’t get hurt and they don’t break.

Stay Organized

Staying organized will help you keep your sanity throughout the move. Clearly label each box by room and contents.

If you want, you can even color-code your packing tape. For example, red for the kitchen, blue for bathrooms, green for bedrooms, yellow for living room, and let the kids pick their special tape color.

Try to plan out when you’ll pack up each room or collection of contents. That way you can feel like you’re on schedule even when there’s still so much to do.

Get Someone to Watch Your Kids or Pets

Throughout the moving process, see if you can get someone to watch your kids or pets periodically. This way you can have periods where you can focus on moving without any interference.

This is especially useful on moving day, so hire a sitter and focus on the move with one fewer thing to worry about.

Make Lists

When you’re moving, there’s no such thing as too many lists. You can list the contents of each box and tape it to the outside. Keep a list of things you need to change, like canceling policies and updating vital information like for your bank.

ANd you can keep a list of things you’re worried about forgetting. If something is stressing you out, write it down. Getting it out of your head and on to paper tells your brain it doesn’t have to worry about it for now.

These Tips Can Help You Fight Moving Anxiety

Moving anxiety can make an already stressful move even harder. But these tips can help you keep the stress of moving at bay.

Plan ahead, stay organized, and get help if you need it. Even something as simple as getting someone else to keep an eye on your kids or pets for a few days can relieve a lot of moving stress.

We’re here to keep you updated on all the latest news. Keep checking back for more.

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