Even though around 30 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction we still find trouble talking about this issue. Knowing how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship presents its own set of challenges for couples.

How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship?

We are here to help though! We are going to show you how to handle this common and treatable problem and get back your intimacy with your partner.

Keep reading to learn how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship. Do you know how to save your relationship? When should you let it go.

1. Start the Conversation

When ED first presents itself in a relationship it can be easy for partners to take it personally or feel inadequate. Having communication that is honest, respectful, and productive is the only way to approach the problem.

Men who suffer often think that it is their fault, however, the truth is, there is no one to blame and no need to apologize. Pick an appropriate time to discuss ED such as over a glass of wine or on a long walk. Avoid talking about ED while you are in bed as it could lead to feelings of vulnerability.

2. See a Doctor

When you begin to notice that you might be affected by erectile dysfunction make an appointment to check it out before jumping to conclusions. In many cases, ED can be caused by medications or underlying health issues that you are not aware of yet.

It is recommended that you bring your partner to the appointment with you. Having a support system in your partner is an important part of the treatment process. Your partner will be able to get accurate information.

Often the solution might be a simple fix such as weight loss or minor lifestyle changes. Whatever the solution might be you and your future partner must be on the same page about treatment and managing expectations.

3. Treatment Options

There is no one size fits all option when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. You might feel tempted to use medication for erectile dysfunction, however, that is not the only option of how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship.

As a couple, you might consider speaking with a licensed sex therapist. These types of therapists can help overcome feelings of inadequacy and help you as a couple explore options for managing intimacy in the face of ED.

In other cases, testosterone therapy might be recommended. Whatever the treatment plan is, you and your partner must communicate and manage your expectations.

Deal With Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship

These are essential steps for how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship. The goal should be to support each other healthily and lovingly.

While sex is important in your relationship intimacy and respect are valuable factors to remember. Erectile dysfunction is not a problem that you have to face alone, and with these steps of how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship, you won’t have to!

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