Two years ago, DBrand Grip came up with a potentially innovative solution to the problem of slippery and hard to handle mobile phone devices: their very own, a unique phone case that was called the Grip.

They created an IndieGoGo campaign as a means of funding this innovative new phone case and many people contributed to its development, excited at the concept of a phone case that would protect their phone while still looking stylish.

But, unfortunately, the phone case that was created was not of the quality that people were expecting.

Dbrand Grip v2 Phone Case

Elements of a Quality Phone Case

Indeed, the first generation of the grip phone case shattered on impact and would wear out relatively rapidly. Not great for protecting mobile phones!

As such, dbrand developed a new type of phone grip case that would perform better. The new model, the second generation of the Grip phone case.

It is expected to be a big improvement on the first—but does it live up to these expectations, or would you do better to spend your money elsewhere?

Dbrand Grip v2 Phone Case What you Like

We at CatTongue Grips made it our mission to discover if the new case is worthwhile in our dbrand Grip v2 phone case review.

We will explore these ideas in order to work out if this new generation of the grip phone case is a worthwhile investment for you to spend your money on.

If you would do better to choose a different type or brand of the phone case to protect your phone instead.

1. Aesthetics and Design

dbrand grip

The design for the new phone case is, in our opinion here at CatTongue Grips, simplistic yet highly effective. The case itself is neat and pleasing to look at; it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, but it isn’t an eyesore either.

Simply put—it does what it is supposed to do, which is to cover the mobile device in order to (hopefully) protect it from impacts. The DBrand Grip logo is also featured neatly on the back, in a pale silver/grey color.

However, the back of the case can actually be customized with a number of brand’s unique “skins” if you would prefer not to have to see this logo every time that you turn your phone over.

2. Materials Feel in Hand

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The second generation of the grip case is made from high quality phone case, which help it to perform better than its predecessor.

The case itself is lined with microfiber and rubbery material, although this, unfortunately, compromises the amount of grip that the case gives the user; indeed, instead of being the “world’s grippiest case”, as the company intended, it is actually a little difficult to handle.

It is interesting to note though that the case does give a slightly better level of grip gadget when lying face down against a material.

DBrand Grip V2 Should You Buy It?

Overall, the design of this case is neat and tidy, however, it will not offer the grip that it advertised and so does not really live up to expectations with new technology.

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