Led by David Morrison, a Boca Raton native, Safety Wercs is a highly regarded cleaning products supplier based on Florida’s southeastern coast. With a focus on American-made sources, all of Safety Wercs’ products are manufactured in the USA.

This focus, further backed by the tireless work ethic of David Gary Morrison and his team, has seen Safety Wercs earn and keep the trust of thousands of health facilities and other major organizations. That’s in addition to homes, local businesses, and more in Boca Raton, wider Florida, and much of the country.


Among David Morrison, Boca Raton businessman, and his company’s most in-demand products are those created in conjunction with Briotech. Briotech is a world-class manufacturer of stabilized hypochlorous formulations headquartered in Woodinville, Washington.

To date, products created as a part of the partnership between David Morrison of Boca Raton, Safety Wercs, and Briotech include Briotech Sanitizer and Disinfectant, Briopro Cleaner Degreaser, and Briopro Cleaner Degreaser Wipes.

Briotech Sanitizer And Disinfectant From Safety Wercs

Briotech Sanitizer

The brainchild of David Morrison, Boca Raton native, and his southeasternmost Florida-based cleaning products firm, Safety Wercs, Briotech Sanitizer and Disinfectant kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria.

Created exclusively in partnership with Briotech, the popular sanitizer and disinfectant from Safety Wercs is a no-rinse formula and certified food contact safe. Non-hazardous and non-flammable, it’s ideally suited to use in environments ranging from schools and nurseries to hospital and restaurant kitchens plus other commercial and institutional facilities.

briotech mask freshner

According to David Morrison, Boca Raton businessman, and Safety Wercs owner, Briotech Sanitizer and Disinfectant are distinct from many competing products because their formula is pure. With that, it contains no bleach, no quaternary ammonium compounds, and no alcohol.

It’s an innovation made possible thanks to David Gary Morrison and Safety Wercs’ close working relationship with Washington State-based Briotech. Briotech Sanitizer and Disinfectant are available from Safety Wercs in volumes ranging from 32-ounce bottles to 275-gallon totes.

briotech disinfectant

Elsewhere, David Morrison, Boca Raton born and bred, is also keen to point out that Safety Wercs and Briotech’s cleaner degreaser products boast many of the same perks. Other benefits include being biodegradable and, as a result, environmentally compatible. Safe for all washable surfaces, they’re non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and do not emit harmful gasses.

David Morrison, Boca Raton Businessman, Proud To Support Local Good Causes

Widely celebrated by his peers for his professional abilities, David Morrison, a Boca Raton businessman, is also immensely proud to be involved with numerous charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes.

David Gary Morrison is a former University of Florida student committed to supporting the local Boca Raton community. One good cause supported by Morrison is Boca Raton’s St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church and School. Another of the Boca Raton native’s business ventures alongside Safety Wercs recently sponsored St. Joan’s Family, Faith, and Fun Day.

Outside of his work and charitable efforts, David Morrison, a Boca Raton businessman, enjoys a variety of hobbies and other interests. These are boating, keeping fit, and spending time with his friends and family.

To learn more about Morrison and his team’s products created in partnership with Briotech, visit Boca Raton-based Safety Wercs’ official website. Connect with David Gary Morrison on LinkedIn for more from the company’s founder.

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