Dabbing is one of the most widely-used techniques to enjoy cannabis concentrate.

But with so many varieties of nails for dab rigs, how are you supposed to know which nail is suitable for you?

The type of material you choose for your nail is important because it will affect how much heat it retains, how safe it is and it will have an influence on the taste of your concentrate.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the best nails to give you the best high.


If you are an experienced dabber, you are probably familiar with the titanium nail since it has been around since the dawn of dabbing. This is the most common nail for dab rigs because it can withstand the hottest temperatures. These nails are great because not only do they heat up quickly, but they stay hot for 20 to 40 seconds.

When choosing a titanium nail, make sure you choose one that is real, grade A titanium. Any other grade of titanium can become a huge health risk. It is also important to know that titanium nails do not produce a maximum flavor profile because it causes the terpenes to degrade.


Quartz is a great option when choosing a nail because it produces a very clean hit, and is cheaper than its titanium counterpart. If you are looking to optimize a concentrate’s flavor profile, then a quartz nail is going to be the nail for you. This nail has excellent flavor retention that you won’t find in other nail materials.

While quartz nails don’t remain hot as long as other nails do, they can completely heat up in just 10 seconds, making it the fastest nail material to heat up.

Ceramic Nails

Relatively new to the market, ceramic nails are making headlines because they are food grade.

And while they take a little longer to heat than titanium nails, ceramic nails hold their heat for a prolonged period of time. In fact, ceramic nails will stay at the required dabbing temperature for a whole minute after you light them.

So, if you are passing around a rig with your friends, a ceramic nail is the one for you. Let’s not forget that they also yield a very clean hit. But it’s important to be aware that ceramic nails have a tendency to crack or shatter if heated improperly.


E-nails are becoming extremely popular due to their practicality and convenience. An e-nail is an electronic nail that connects to a heated coil, which connects to a controller that determines the nail’s temperature. So, you can forget about having to manually heat your nail with a torch.

E-nails are often known for their quick setup and their user-friendly design. But it’s important to make sure you unplug your e-nail when you’re done using it so you don’t burn yourself or your furniture.

To learn more about e-nails, visit this review guide.

The Best Nails For Dabbing

There is a variety of dabbing nails on the market. And the best nails for dabbing are going to be different for each user depending on their dabbing goals and routine. Whatever nail you decide to get is going to make a great piece in your dabbing collection.

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Happy dabbing!

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