Custom awards are a trendy way to appreciate or recognize achievements and special contributions.  A custom award goes more than just adding the name of the recipient to the award. It is completely designed by the customer.

These awards are created and developed according to the customer’s specifications. All the details of the award, right from the size, shape, design, and color are decided by the customer.

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How to make the custom awards great?

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Here are a few tips to make the custom awards a special one.

Experiment with shapes and colors

Awards need not always be rectangular. This shape has become so common that it doesn’t excite a recipient anymore. Use your creativity to think of the different possible and interesting shapes for your custom award.

There are no hard fast rules on this. You can select any shape that appeals to your imagination. It may be something that suits the occasion or achievement.  It could also be a shape syncing with the title of the function or the place of the ceremony. This might resonate better with the recipient.

You can also experiment with the colors. Go offbeat and explore the various color schemes. If there are multiple awards to be handed out, try a different hue for each one and make your recipients feel special.

Use a unique image

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The image should reflect the brand and also stand out for its design. But you should not overdo by designing catchy or funky images. Since it is an award, the image should be subtle as well.

You can also experiment by adding your logo on the corner or setting it as a background of the award.  Make it even more unique by combining different designs into one. Maybe you can keep the logo in the top part and meaningful designs at the bottom.

Include personal details

By default, the name of the recipient is always included in the award.  Including more personal details can make the occasion a memorable one. You can integrate their role in the company, tenure, reason for the award, etc so that the moment of receiving the award will stay forever in the minds of the recipient.

Quote something meaningful

A quote can convey the corporate values and the mission and vision of the business. Come up with a quote that is meaningful and relevant according to the occasion and inspirational as well. An inspirational quote on the award can go a long way in motivating the recipient to strive towards achieving higher goals.

Include a photo in the award

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Pictures always speak louder than words.  Add a relevant picture to your award. It can be a photo or the business logo, the picture of the team or you can even get more personal by including a family photo of the recipient.

Photos can etch the moment in the heart forever and a photo in the award is fun, innovative, and a great way to make it stand out.

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