The spring clean is done and your windows are sparkling. But there’s only so much a deep clean can achieve if your curtains or blinds are looking tired. 

Many of us add new furniture or repaint the walls to freshen up our living spaces. But when was the last time you considered how modern window treatments could add new life to your home? 

If your drapes have seen better days, it could be time to consider an update. Here’s what’s in and what’s out when it comes to the latest curtain trends in 2020. 

Whether you favor curtains, roller blinds, shades, or screens, the latest window treatment trends are diverse enough to please everyone. 

Color Block Curtains

If you’re not afraid of using bold colors in your home, color block curtains are perfect for creating a distinctive look. The concept involves curtains in one block color, but with the base of the curtain in a different, contrasting color

This trend works best with long floor-length curtains with plenty of floor space to show off the contrasting edge. We like the idea of mixing unexpected hues together, such as rich terracotta with dusky cornflower blue, or mustard yellow with pale lilac. 

But remember, if you have a specific color combination in mind, you might need to order custom-made curtains to suit your preferences. 

Floral Roller Blinds

As this blog explains, there are many advantages to installing roller blinds, not least because they’re one of the simplest and most versatile windows covering ideas out there. 

For 2020, floral roller blinds are a big trend. But if the idea of chintzy floral patterns on your blinds has you recoiling in horror, don’t worry.

Today’s floral prints are more abstract and subtle. As a result, floral roller blinds can add interest to a room without being overwhelming.  

Sheer Drapes

Sheer shades in floaty fabrics are great for controlling natural light without blocking it out entirely. 

Pale colors like vanilla, ivory, or soft peach are perfect because they help create a warm glow as light enters your room. For the ultimate dreamy feel, this trend looks even better with floor-to-ceiling drapes. 

Statement Patterned Curtains

If you’re looking for a way to give your room a lift, boldly printed curtains are a great way to breathe new life into your interiors. 

Consider fabrics with a batik or tie-dye pattern for an eclectic look, or opt for unexpected patterns like a coral print or geometric design. Adding bold curtains to minimal spaces provides character. But statement drapes can work well in expressive rooms too as they help draw your eyes to the windows and surrounding views. 

Art Screens

Window treatment ideas don’t come much more original than art screens. After all, hanging intricate screens in front of your windows isn’t a typical way to block out the light. 

This trend works well in large rooms with more window space than wall space as a way to show off your art. Or, you could make a feature of a central window with an art screen and then opt for another kind of treatment for the other windows. 

Velvet Curtains

Modern window treatment ideas can also mean putting a modern twist on something that might have once been considered dated. 

The velvet curtains of the past were stiff and only available in a limited color palette. But today’s velvets are soft, sumptuous, and definitely worth considering. Since they’re thick, they’re great for blocking out light in a bedroom for a guaranteed good night’s sleep

Bear in mind that velvet curtains can look baroque if you get this trend wrong. Avoid this by opting for simple, tassel-free velvet curtains in a soft color like dusky pink, or a bold but modern shade of teal. 

While many window treatment trends are seeing a resurgence for 2020, there are other recent and not-so-recent trends that are very much ‘out’ this year. 

Bare Windows

In recent years, some people have rejected the idea of window treatments altogether in favor of bare windows.

While no curtains or blinds means zero installation and maintenance, bare windows can look unfinished and well, bare. Also, not having the option of blocking out the sun can result in faded soft furnishings, over-heated rooms, and having the sun in your eyes at certain times of the day. 

If you like the idea of bare windows, there are many modern window treatments that are fuss-free and simple but allow you to block out the sun when you want. Or, you can opt for sheer drapes to finish your windows off while still letting in maximum light all day. 

Shade Valances

Shade valances can seem like a good idea if you want to conceal blind mechanisms. But these window treatments are the curtain equivalent of a dust ruffle for your bed — and they look just as outdated. 

If you’re set on covering the top of your curtains or blinds in some way, a wooden panel is a far better solution. And, this is a feature that can adapt to the rest of your decor to look as modern or as classic as you like. 

Twee Curtain Patterns

Carrot-printed curtains are fine for Marge Simpson. But in the real world, you should steer clear of curtain patterns featuring animals, birds or food as these can look twee and old-fashioned. 

If you’re looking for cute curtain prints, there are far better window treatment ideas for kitchens and other rooms. Plain gingham checks are a good option to evoke a country feel in your home, and so are spotty drapes and floral prints.  

Update Your View with These Modern Window Treatments

As these curtain trends in the 2020 show, there are a variety of window treatment ideas to suit every home. 

Whether you’re a fan of roller blinds or art screens, velvet curtains, or sheer drapes, there’s no excuse for leaving up those tired old drapes. 

Of course, as well as considering how to dress your windows, you should also make sure that your windows are in great condition. Here are some common signs that you might need to replace your windows this year. 

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