Last year, almost 20 million people visited Croatia.

Croatia is a beautiful country with a rich, colorful history. Croatia tourist attractions are as varied as this history. It is an ancient land where people have been living since ancient times.

Croatia is a land that welcomes tourists.

Beautiful modern amenities and attractions sit right next to structures and places with thousands of years of history. A truly unique destination that has something for everyone. If you are visiting, here are seven things you should make a special effort to do.

Diocletian’s Palace Is a Tourist Attraction Nearly 2,000 Years Old


In the second-largest city in Croatia sits a Roman palace that was built before 300 AD.

The age of the palace alone would be enough to list it among the best of Croatia’s tourist attractions. You may come for the history, but you’ll find that’s not all that goes on here.

Split, the city in which the Palace sits is the second-largest city in Croatia. A vibrant nightlife, music scene, and shopping districts make this a wonderful place to visit. The ruins of the Palace are breathtaking and the attractions of the city around it equally so.

The area was named a UNESCO world heritage site. There is an ancient church in the ruins you can visit as well. The bell tower is among the most beautiful in the world.

The Dalmatian Islands Are a Must on Any Tourist Attraction List

Beautiful and serene, the Dalmatian islands sit along the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. Some of the Islands, like Hvar, are notable attractions in their own right. Hvar is a unique Island with a large population.

Hiking through fruit orchards and along forest paths are possible in the Dalmatians. You can also try accommodations providing luxe like Villa Maris. Exploring the countryside lets you see how the locals live. Trendy shops and restaurants are also plentiful in the Dalmatians.

Zlatni Rat Beach

For the Camper-van Lovers Montenegro and Croatia

The most famous beach in Croatia is a must-see for anyone traveling to the country. This beach has just about anything you could ask for. Unusually shaped, it is overlooked by rugged mountains and features luxury hotels.

An often-photographed jewel of Croatia, the beach is a place for swimming, sun tanning, and fun. Take a break from your other activities to enjoy a couple of days laying on this glistening beach. You can even rent kayaks and other recreational crafts to go out into the water with.

The City of Rovinj Offers Beauty, Luxury, and a Little Italian Flavor

A beautiful ancient city, the city of Rovinj sits close to the Italian border. It is a place where fishermen have long plied the waters. The city itself features a museum to the local traditions and crafts used in fishing.

Rovinj also offers incredible seafood. Wonderful restaurants that feature fresh-caught seafood dot the city. You can taste the love and passion for seafood that everyone in the city has. Learn about the local fishing culture while you devour some of the best-tasting seafood anywhere.

St. John and ST. Michael’s Fortresses Are a Must See

The two fortresses sit close by each other in the ancient town of Sibenik. One of the most beautiful Croatian tourist attractions you can find, they overlook the Adriatic Sea. Touring these beautiful ruins will give you an appreciation for just how long people have lived in Croatia.

There are multiple churches and other sites of interest to visit in the area. One of the most popular reasons to check out St. Michael’s fortress is the traditional performances that take place on a large open-air stage.

Touring Vineyards and Wineries Is Both Delicious and Fun

The history of winemaking in Croatia goes back almost 3,000 years. The greeks who first moved into the area brought their grapes with them. Wineries that offer tours are available and are a great way to spend an afternoon in Croatia.

This travel agency can help you book tours that feature the best locations. With help from them, you won’t have to wander around looking for the perfect vineyard to visit. There is nothing like enjoying fresh natural wine and food while staring out over the Adriatic.

Croatia Tourist Attractions Feature Some Beautiful Natural Parks

D.L. Bliss State Park

You can travel the entire world and you will be hard-pressed to find better national parks than you will find in Croatia.

Wondrous natural beauty is on display whether you like the ocean, mountains, or lakes. One of the most famous is the Plitvice Lakes, National Park.

Plitvice Lakes National Park features interlinking lakes that are connected by waterfalls. That may sound like something you read in a fantasy novel, but it’s quite real. This is just one of the many national parks throughout Croatia that will offer you spectacular hiking and scenery.

If you like adventure, try Korana National Park. Canyons and water come together here. You can even rent and go on a rafting adventure if you want. What is most amazing about Croatia’s national parks is that they are so different and close together.

Croatia is not a large country. For it to feature so many of the world’s most beautiful places is incredible. The reverence and care that the people of Croatia take in treating their wilderness are obvious.

Croatia Tourist Attractions Are Plentiful

Poets have written about Croatia’s natural beauty. It has inspired people for thousands of years. Roman emperors have retired to Croatia. English poets have likened the beauty of Croatian cities to “jewels”.

By visiting Croatia, you experience more than local history, you experience the history of western civilization. Some areas of Croatia have been inhabited since the stone age. History abounds through every rock and crevice.

Croatia also has vibrant modern attractions. If you love food, dancing, and music, then Croatia has plenty to offer you.

Visiting Croatia has to be on any traveler’s wish list. Croatia tourist attractions offer something for everyone. No matter what you enjoy about traveling you will find it here.

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