With the passing of Labor Day, no-party candidate Gov. Charlie Crist and Democratic candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek both released their first general election ads for the U.S. Senate race in Florida. Crist rearranges letters spelling out “DEMOCRATS” and “REPUBLICANS” into “AMERICANS,” saying that he’ll take “the best ideas from both parties”:

Meek’s ad, which will run across most markets in the state tomorrow, is more specific, and says he’s the only candidate who is pro-choice, was against offshore oil drilling before and after the Deepwater Horizon spill and against privatizing Social Security. Gov. Crist has spoken favorably for offshore oil drilling and called himself pro-life before. However, in June, he vetoed a bill requiring women to pay for an ultrasound before getting an abortion, and he supports a ban on the issuance of new leases for offshore drilling.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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