Due to the rising interest in luxury cruising, the yacht industry is expected to reach $74.7 billion by 2022. The market is especially growing due to the ongoing marine tourism trend.

Just like the celebrities, you see online — you too can go for the vacation of your dreams and explore the ocean. Usually, there are two options to choose from — you can decide to rent a bareboat, where you do all the work by yourself. That includes sailing, docking, cleaning, and cooking.

Alternatively, you can go for a charter with a permanent crew that handles everything, leaving you to enjoy your vacation without much hassle.

Traveling by boat is a fantastic way to spend a vacation, especially on crewed yacht charters. Find out here how to charter a luxury yacht.

Choosing Crewed Yacht Charters

Before anything else, you need to contract a charter. You can decide to book your yacht online or get the help of a charter broker.

However, working with a specialist is convenient and comfortable. With their help, you will book an ideal charter and get value for your money. Be keen to ensure that your specialist of choice has no ties to any specific charter yachts, so that he does not limit your options.

The charter broker weighs all the options with you, helping you arrive at the best decision. Besides, the broker can help you choose the best crew to meet your needs. For instance, some crews handle families correctly.

Therefore, if you want a vacation with a more personal touch, for instance, getting a chef that specializes in your favorite cuisine, get a charter broker. A charter broker can also help you choose a crew that can give you extra services such as a massage, make cocktails, or even does your hair.

Have a Well-Articulated Plan

Spending too much money on vacation without proper planning is the worst mistake you could ever make. Part of the plan is knowing what activities you will take part in during your stay, and of course, the destination.

Do you plan to have some yoga sessions? Or do you picture yourself going water-skiing? Different yachts offer different amenities — therefore, knowing what you’ll do beforehand helps you choose the right yacht. The facilities could also vary depending on the time of the year.

If you plan to explore a few towns along the coast, then you will have to consider factors such as the yacht’s speed, size, and flag. All these factors determine how many stops you can make and at what point.

Besides the activities, the length of your vacation is part of the plan. Most charter brokers will list pricing per week. Therefore, knowing how long your vacation is will help you plan, especially when it comes to finances.

Another essential thing to consider is the number of people you will be tagging along with. Most charted yachts can carry 12 guests plus crew. Therefore, if you are traveling with more than 12 people, you need to charter a bigger yacht.

While doing the math, remember to include any personal assistants, guards, and babysitters.

What Type of Yacht do You Want?

You are at liberty to choose between a sailing yacht or a motor yacht. A good example of a motor yacht is the NSS Pattam yacht charter. If you want quite a smooth sail to enjoy the tranquility of the sea, then a sailing yacht would be the best pick.

However, if you’re going to move across the ocean very fast, then a motor yacht could serve you best. Besides, you could need a unique yacht, for instance, if one of you has mobility challenges.

When to Book

Having the entire plan laid out, it is time to book your yacht. Just like any other vacation, chartering would be in high demand around certain times of the year, such as over the holidays and other important events. Booking early also gives you ample time to pack and run other essential errands, such as preparing your travel documents.

If you don’t like taking chances with dates and the type of yacht, you can book as early as a year before.

You can now go ahead with the paperwork between you and the charter yacht owner. Signing a contract and paying some deposit will prevent anyone from booking the same yacht.

How much the contract costs depend on factors such as the size of the yacht, location, number of people traveling, and the season of travel.

Prepare to Travel

Do you have any special needs, such as dietary needs? Your charter broker will ask questions such as your favorite foods, activities, or any other thing you would like taken care of.

With this information at hand, the charter broker, as well as the captain and crew, will work to ensure you get what you asked for. You can make any negotiations via mail or phone before departure.

How’s The Connection

The internet has become an essential part of human existence — some of us can rarely go for a day without it. Most yachts have high-speed Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can keep in touch with the world if you want to. You can remain plugged into your email, Netflix, and other social media platforms at the comfort of your yacht.


The yachting industry primarily thrives on confidentiality. Therefore, regardless of how high or low profile you and your guests are, there is nothing to worry about.

Not even the builders share details on who owns the yacht. If you are quite concerned about exposure, you can get your charter broker to sign an NDA.

It’s All Done!

Having followed all the above steps, you can be sure to have a good time on your vacation. In case of any questions during your stay, you can always contact your captain or crew. It’s suggested that you let them know about your plans in advance, if possible.

For private crewed yacht charters, it is quite easy to change your plans en route. Check us out for more enlightening articles.

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