When it comes to the different ways of using CBD for your health, there are a few key principles you need to keep in mind. The way you ingest or use the plant compound will affect how it works in your system. Hence, the need to tailor the way you use CBD with your specific health purpose.

Gone are the days when using CBD was very limited to pills. Because of its high demand and popularity, there are many ways to use CBD these days. These different ways– From edibles to creams, and even for pets–of using CBD were created so users can achieve their desired effects.

Along that line, here are six creative ways to use CBD oil:

1. Steam Inhalation

CBD oil can be taken in via steam inhalation. In fact, this is one of the safest ways to give yourself the dose of CBD you need.

Steam Inhalation

The process is also very simple. Just heat the CBD oil extract into a cup of boiling water, and then inhale the steam from the solution. This is a very good alternative particularly for those who need to take CBD oil pills but have trouble swallowing them.

Apart from steam inhalation, here are other CBD products you can use for inhalation:

  • Disposable CBD vape;
  • CBD inhalers.

2. Treat It As A Sublingual

There are CBD products known as CBD tinctures. When you’ve got access to this kind of CBD oil, you can apply it sublingually, which means dropping it directly on your tongue.

One of the benefits of using CBD sublingually is that it takes a faster time to absorb. This is beneficial for those who need to feel the calming effects of CBD right away, such as when you’re anxious about a big event.

3. Cook With CBD

Rather than use any of the common oils or butter you use for cooking, you can substitute these for CBD oil. It’s possible to cook with CBD oil, but be sure to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Be very careful about the heat as over-burning CBD oil will cause it to lose some of its health benefits. Once your dish starts to sizzle, then you can remove it from the heat.
  • If you can’t let go of your shortening, either lard or butter, you can also add CBD oil on top of that. For instance, when cooking with butter, you’d normally add in a little olive oil to prevent the butter from burning. Instead of using olive oil, use CBD oil. The fats in your butter can help dilute the CBD oil.
  • Be very careful with how much CBD oil you’re putting in since you don’t want its taste to overwhelm your dish’s taste.

Cook With CBD

4. Infuse It On Your Drink

For a more subtle use of CBD, you can also infuse it on your favorite morning smoothie, tea, or coffee. Doing this is one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine. Doing so doesn’t have to feel overwhelmingly difficult.

If you’re conscious about people noticing, using CBD oil in this manner is also more discreet. This can save you the prying eyes of onlookers, especially if you’re in public.

5. Start A CBD Beauty And Skincare Routine

Nowadays, many individuals prefer to have a more natural skincare routine. Especially if you’re one of those with very sensitive skin, you want to avoid as many unnecessary chemicals in your skincare routine as you can.

Start A CBD Beauty And Skincare Routine

One of the most popular main ingredients today is CBD. CBD products for one’s skin came into being because of the benefits that CBD oil brings, such as:

  • Reducing acne;
  • Works for anti-aging;
  • Lessens wrinkles;
  • Gives a more youthful glow.

CBD products for skincare routine include anything from toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, cleansers, and even beauty products, like powder or foundation.

6. Bake With CBD

Along with cooking, you can also create your very own sweet treats by baking with CBD. Like cooking, you can replace the oil or butter with CBD. If the recipe calls for a few drops of a dry ingredient, you may also use CBD isolates, which is a byproduct of CBD oil.

Baking CBD edibles are a great way to keep yourself calm, healthy, and happy.


Though there are currently very little to no adverse effects of CBD oil, it’s always important to be very cautious about using it. When your main purpose for turning to CBD oil is to use natural products and get rid of potential adverse synthetic chemicals, make sure that you’re able to achieve this purpose.

Regardless of how you plan to use CBD, make sure you’re buying your products from nothing less than the best and top-quality sources. Eventually, you’ll start to see and enjoy the promising effects of CBD oil.

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