Do you want people to pay attention to and remember your content? Add a visual.

Studies show your reader’s brain will retain more information for longer when the information is paired with a visual, making visuals one of the most important marketing tools used today.

While many think of “visuals” as simple photographs, you can supercharge your efforts by using an infographic in your content marketing. Infographics are the ultimate content + image pairing, resulting in an interesting and engaging piece of content your readers are sure to remember for a long time.

If you are wanting to use infographics in your marketing but not sure what type of infographic topics to use, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Create a ‘How-To’ Guide

One of the great infographic ideas is to create a how-to guide for your readers. There are many different layouts and designs you can use for infographics and most of them are ideal for giving step-by-step instructions to your readers. Your visuals can expand on the instructions, giving your readers an easy and fun guide on how to complete their projects.

2. Solve a Pain Point for Your Audience

One of the more interesting ideas for an infographic topic is to take your audience on a journey starting with their pain point and ending with a solution to their problem. Not only will you be helping your audience, but you will also be doing it engagingly and unforgettably. Use one of these infographic idea design ideas for this type of topic to add even more interest.

3. Introduce Your Brand

An ideal way to introduce your brand and your brand values and mission is to use an infographic.

If you have ever visited a brand’s website, clicked on the about page and saw walls of text you didn’t want to read, you probably understand why an infographic is a better choice. Introducing your brand is essential, especially when you want some aspects of your story to stick out in your reader’s minds.

Using an infographic is a great way to showcase your brand invitingly and memorably.

4. Create a List of Useful Tools or Products Your Audience Will Love

A quick, easy, and helpful topic for an infographic is to create a list of tools or products that are beneficial to your reader. This can be used as a blog post image or even a content upgrade. Either way, a scannable list in the form of an infographic is a great way to engage your readers while providing valuable content.

There Are Many Interesting and Engaging Infographic Topics You Can Use

The best infographic topics are the ones that grab your reader, pulling them in so you can deliver with your valuable content and engaging visuals.

You can use an infographic to help your readers to get to know your brand or to give them a list of tools or products they can use. Infographics are also great for giving step-by-step instructions or solving a problem for your reader. However you use them, infographics are a great tool to add to your content marketing toolkit.

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