Laws are essential to every State, Country, or province. They are essentially made and put into practice to protect the citizens and maintain order in society.

However, certain laws may seem pointless. If you are someone who has got into any legal trouble, or missing someone and needs to locate them, you can look up details on prisons online and organize your search.

Florida is no exception when it comes to weird crazy laws that can get you into trouble!

Here’s a list of 8 Florida laws that are supremely hard to believe

1.  Pay Parking Fee For Elephants

If you leave an elephant tied at the parking meter, you (the owner) will not be exempted from the fees. You will be ticketed as well if the meter expires.

It is likely to have been a specifically localized law dating decades back and may have had its origin in Sarasota.

In Orlando, you have to pay to park anything- a person, vehicle, or an animal (an elephant/goat/alligator) that can be drawn upon a street as a mode of transport.

2.  Men are not allowed to wear strapless dresses in public

If you are a man, and you wear a woman’s strapless dress, you are doing something illegal.

Anti-cross-dressing is a reality in Florida where a person recognized as a male cannot dress in clothing customarily designed for the opposite sex on grounds of “impersonating a female”.

This a remnant of a 19th-century law that enforced statewide advocacy of dressing rules.

3.  Selling oranges on the streets is illegal

No one is allowed to sell oranges in the sidewalks of Miami. Violating this law can lead you to spend 30 days in jail.

4.  Women falling asleep under hair dryers may be fined

If you are a woman headed to a salon for a hair spa, keep awake. Falling asleep under a hairdryer is illegal and you will have to pay a fine. The salon owner may also be penalized.

5.  Stealing A Horse Is Punishable By Hanging

You shouldn’t steal a horse anyway. But if it’s about the law, yes stealing a horse is a major “crime”. In some parts of Florida, this felony comes with serious repercussions. If you steal a horse the punishment is as strict as getting imprisoned for a lifetime or punished by hanging.

Horse theft was common worldwide prior to the ownership of cars, and today it is therefore comparable to automobile theft. Horses are still often stolen for meat or ransom.

6.  Unmarried women can’t go paragliding on Sundays.

If you are an unmarried woman who happens to be a skydiving enthusiast, do not do it on a Sunday. Performing this will lead you to face fines, arrests, and even jail time.

7.  Wearing swimsuits and singing is illegal

Do not sing while attired in a bathing suit in a public place in Sarasota, Florida. It is considered an offense like showering naked in public.

8.   Farting in public after 6 pm on a Thursday is illegal

Yes, that’s right. What is the most mind-boggling about this law is that it is impossible to know what is weirder, not being able to fart in public, or not doing it after 6 pm, or that you can’t do either on a Thursday.

As absurd as most of these may seem, some laws can still make sense when we know the time or reason of its origin. But in most cases, a few of these laws seem to be so unreasonable that no amount of rationalization can proffer any legitimacy to them.

It is, therefore, best to stay informed about the laws and not get into trouble, especially if you are traveling from an outside country.

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