The COVID-19 global pandemic had a significant effect on the world’s socio-economic stability. With businesses closing down, classes are canceled, and restaurants are not serving their patrons. These abrupt changes made the so-called new normal a constant struggle not only for single individuals but also for couples as well.

Indeed this pandemic was a challenge for couples. Before we knew it, lockdowns, travel bans, and strict health protocols were implemented. All of these restrictions have made mingling and interacting with our loved ones a challenge. Boredom is a constant struggle for couples to keep the flame of love and lust ablaze.

With this in mind, we were able to find some tips for couples on how to spice up their relationship during the pandemic. This is geared towards improving communication, sex life, and you and your partner’s physical and mental health.

Be Healthy Together

Improving your physical health as a couple has benefits for you and your partner. By achieving fitness goals together will provide the necessary bonding time for you and your loved one. Sweating it out will also help you release endorphins ~ your body’s natural happy hormones.

Exercise will also elevate your mood, increase your libido, and heighten your sexual functioning. Remember to have a balanced diet and enough sleep to take care of each other. Motivate each other and push each other to reach your fitness goals.

Always Check on Your Partner

Communication is defined as the transfer of information from one place to another. Constant communication is always the key to a successful relationship as it will help you avoid misunderstandings and petty quarrels that will end up bringing pain and disgust to the relationship.

Always check up on your partner and ask him/her how their day went. This will surely make your partner feel secure and loved as you are showing genuine care and interest to your partner. Asking questions will feel like you are getting to know each other all over again and will add the needed spark to your otherwise dull relationship.

Do a Little Role Play

One sure-fire way to turn on the mood for lovemaking is a sexy outfit or uniform. Role-playing is a good indicator that your partner is confident and feels safe with you as his/her sexual partner. Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky and switch roles from being submissive to dominant. It’s about time that you bring out that overly flattering dress coupled with that sexy lingerie to make your bedroom a little more active.

Take a Steamy Bath Together

Taking a romantic bath together will surely spice up your relationship. Nothing beats a relaxing bath with candles and spending it with your significant other. Just letting your partner relax while you shampoo his/her hair will most definitely get the mood going. This sexy gesture will surely take the pressure off on your partner after a long day at work and will surely add to that much-needed intimacy that you so desperately need in your relationship.

Cook Something Extraordinary

Because of the pandemic, it is merely impossible for couples to go to restaurants. Couples now result in ordering take out, and we all know that it can be a little boring. The key is to cook something special for your loved one. Cook his/her all-time favorite, buy fresh ingredients, and source fresh meat or produce. A little wine can help, as well.

Make Out Like Crazy

A relationship cannot survive without intimacy and affection, and one of the most basic forms of expressing one’s love and affection is through kissing. Can you still remember the last time you kissed your partner like it was your last day on earth?

Smooching releases our body’s natural chemical oxytocin, and this chemical is often linked to bonding. A rush of oxytocin makes you feel attached and satisfied. If you are looking for a long -term relationship with your partner, then you already know what to do. Kiss him/her like you mean it.

Keep It Interesting in the Sack

Boredom will strike when everything becomes a routine. This is especially applicable in a couple’s sex life during this pandemic. Being stuck at home and not being able to go to places where there’s a romantic view can kill the buzz. Don’t be afraid to try out new sex positions with your partner. You can try out mind-bending sex positions like the cowgirl and the Lotus.

This can be done by educating yourself. There are lots of hot and steamy stuff online. Learn about each other’s fantasies, turn-ons and turn-offs. You can look at guides from sites like this one. Do not hesitate to explore you and your partner’s dominant and submissive sides. Watch porn together and don’t be afraid to talk dirty.


All of the above-mentioned tips are stated for couples to take advantage of, but the most important thing to remember is to prioritize your relationship. Do not let it take the back seat and do not make excuses, such as being too busy or not having the energy. Always remember to cultivate your relationship and shower it with lots of love.

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