There’s something so timeless about homes with a country style – whether it’s the vintage undertones or chic rustic whispers of bygone times. If you’re looking for design tips for styling your home in a country style, let us help.

Keep reading to find our guide for designing your dream home in this chic and elegant style.

1. Lighting

The right rustic lighting can bring together your country interior design style. Choose fixtures that provide a cozy and soothing atmosphere.

Pendant lighting is a beautiful and statement-making way to light almost any room. Hang a few pendant lights together at different heights for a unique take on these vintage fixtures.

Chandeliers are an elegant way to create a chic house design. A wood chandelier is an excellent accent for any dining room or kitchen space.

2. Reclaimed Wood

One of the best things about choosing a country house decor style is that it can be done on a budget. No more expensive retail furniture store trips will be necessary to style your dream home. A trip to Grandma’s house or your local thrift shop can prove to be a goldmine for antique decorative accessories.

Don’t turn your nose up at wood that’s looking a little worse for the wear. You can rework almost any old board with a little bit of elbow grease and some creativity.

Turn that pile of old weathered planks into a brand new country chic headboard for your bedroom. Sand down and restain vintage shelving to breathe new life into family heirlooms. The possibilities are endless if you have an open mind and lust for upcycling.

3. Patterns

The right patterns and accents can really up the ante in your home.

The thing about country style decor is that there are several different types of country style you can aim for.

Vintage country style is all about creams, ivories, and other neutral shades. Choose bedding with frilly accents or subdued patterns.

If you’re going for a cabin or lodge vibe, think southwest style patterns. Bold and earthy tones with geometric designs will work well.

Classic country chic is all about checkered gingham and plaid. Use it in the bedroom with sheets or in a small space like the bathroom with wallpaper.

Floral or toile patterns work beautifully on drapery or bedding. You can even do floral wallpaper if you’re feeling bold. The floral you choose can make your space look classic or rustic country.

A floral patterned chair would make a beautiful statement in your living room.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, either. You might be surprised at how well two different country patterns work well together. Pair a bold toile wallpaper with a set of ivory curtains to bring together a room.

4. Display Your Plates

One of our favorite ways to decorate country style decor for the kitchen is through plate displays. If you have a collection of antique plates, don’t tuck them away in a china cabinet or a box in your attic. Hang them on the wall or in a custom made display shelf for sharing them with your guests.

If you don’t have the wall or floor space, a counter-top plate display holder works. You probably won’t want to sacrifice a lot of counter space for your plates. One or two of your favorites in the right spot on your counter would be beautiful, though.

5. Buy a Rolling Island

If you have the space in your kitchen, invest in or DIY a wooden rolling island. If you choose to make one yourself, stain it in a color that matches the rest of your decor.

There’s no better way to create more working space in your kitchen than with an island. The best part about having one on wheels is that you can move it if you need the floor space, too.

Use your island as a prep center for cooking. Store your plates or cookware on the bottom shelf. Install knobs on the ends of the island to hang your tea towels.

6. Put Your Kitchen on Display

Open cupboards are an absolute must-have if you’re aiming for a country-style kitchen.

We know it can be scary to have the contents of your kitchen on display, but there are benefits to doing so. Not only will your supplies be easier to access, but having no cabinet doors could make you more organized, too.

Open shelves also add an airy and fresh look to your space. It will make your kitchen look warmer, bigger, and more welcoming, too.

7. Use the Right Color Scheme

The color scheme you choose can make or break the country style you’re aiming for. You might want to familiarize yourself with some color psychology before picking up a paintbrush.

Whites, light blues, and beiges are all great colors for a kitchen. Choose shades on the warmer side to avoid making your space feel cold and clinical.

Creamy whites or ones with tones of beige will make your kitchen warm and inviting. Light blues with powdery or grayish tints create a calming mood and keep your room light and airy.

Don’t be afraid to try more “out there” colors, either. Pale yellows and peachy colors can be beautiful in your bedroom.

If your rooms have a lot of wood accents, take the tone of the wood into account. Try using light colors to contrast wood pieces with dark finishes to draw the eye to your wood furniture.

On the other hand, complementary colors can bring out tones in the wood for a jaw-dropping effect. Try pairing pinewood with a medium green or pale grayish-green color.

Enjoy a Country Style Inspired Home

You’ll be well on your way to a perfect country style home with our tips. Keep reading our blog to find more design inspiration to help decorate your home.

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