Are you thinking about taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? If so, it’s no wonder you’re looking to charter a luxury yacht for your next getaway.

But, before you can take your vacation, it’s essential to know what you can expect the cost of the charter to be. Below you’re going to find a comprehensive guide with everything you need to expect ahead of your trip.

Days At Sea

Living On Your Yacht

One of the first factors that will affect a luxury yacht charter is the number of days you plan to be on the boat and the number of people joining you. The more time you spend at sea, the higher the cost of the charter will be.

As well as the more people you bring, the price will be higher because the yacht will need to purchase the proper amount of food and other supplies to accommodate you and your guest.

Size of the Yacht

dream yacht charter

The bigger the yacht, the higher the cost to charter a luxury yacht. You’ve got to think about the crew size that it takes to run yachts of bigger sizes.

Therefore, if you’re looking to charter a yacht on a budget, we recommend you think about chartering one of the smaller luxury yachts.

Charter Package

Most yachts will offer those that are looking to charter them varying charter packages. The first package is going to be all-inclusive.

With an all-inclusive package, your charter will be charged based on the number of accompanying people on the trip. The things that you can expect to be included are:

  • Water activities for the trip
  • Docking taxes
  • Cost of fuel
  • Drinks and foods for the trip

The other package option that you can choose is the plus expense package. With this package, several things will be charged to you separately.

Some of these separate charges include:

  • Port taxes
  • Bar fees
  • Cost of fuel

Depending on what you’re looking to pay, you can decide which package will work the best for your charter experience.

Season You Charter


Much like when you’re looking for a place to visit, you will need to consider the season you take your charter. There are going to be both in-season and off-season times to travel.

If you’re traveling during the in-season portion of the year, you can expect the cost of your charter to be on the higher end.


Some destinations are going to be more expensive than others. You should take some time to research the most visited areas and plan your trip accordingly.

If you’re not sure which destinations will cost the most to charter a yacht, we recommend sitting down with a travel agent before scheduling your yacht vacation.

Charter a Luxury Yacht: What’s the Cost?

When you want to charter a luxury yacht, several things can affect the cost of the charter. For example, the number of people you bring on the trip or your destination can affect the cost.

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