Whether your kid has a summer birthday or youโ€™re simply blessed by living somewhere with good, all-year weather, throwing an outdoor kids’ party is a fun way to enjoy the sunshine for kids and adults. If your son is still young enough to want a themed party, you may be trying to choose the perfect theme for an outdoor party that isnโ€™t the usual superhero theme.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

1. Sports


Kids at any age can enjoy a sports-themed party, so you can easily adapt this theme to any age range. A sports-themed party can incorporate a range of activities, from basketball dribbling competitions to water balloon baseball. You can check out websites like Wicked Uncle for smaller, softer sports balls, which are perfect for young kids.

You can also bring sports to all aspects of the party. Provide football-shaped cookies, fill goody bags with mini balls, and encourage kids to come dressed up in sports gear.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is a hugely popular video game that youโ€™ve probably heard of if you have a son. While very young kids wonโ€™t have played this, itโ€™s certainly popular amongst elementary and middle school kids.

An outdoor Fortnite party could include a nerf war or capture the flag game, with essential supplies and point-scoring treasures hidden around the yard. Make sure drinks come in bottles labeled โ€˜Slurp Juiceโ€™ and decorate with camouflage, nets, and spray-painted crates. Fortnite has also inspired lots of dances on YouTube and TikTok, so get the kids to learn these as an activity too.

3. Pirates


Okay, pirates may be a classic choice, but itโ€™s classic for a reason and it works perfectly for outdoor parties. A pirate-themed birthday party can include a ton of fun outdoor games, including a treasure hunt, walk the plank, and capture the flag.

Pirate-theme decorations are also easy to get your hands on. Skull and crossbones flags, toy parrots, fishnets, and pirate hats are cheap and readily available online or at any party store.

4. Science

Not every boy loves sports or video games, some may want a party themed around their favorite school subject. Science-themed birthday parties offer lots of options. Kids can unearth fossils in a sandpit, scavenger hunt for different insects and plants, or you can hire party entertainment to run wacky (but safe) chemical experiments.

From test-tube cookies to brain cakes, there are also plenty of ways you can theme the food and decorations at a science-themed party. This guide to throwing a great science birthday party has so many great ideas youโ€™ll be spoilt for choice.

5. Art


If your kid has a creative side that he loves to indulge in, why not throw him an art-themed birthday party. The benefit of having an art party outside is that paint, glitter, and any other remnants of kids creating art for several hours are outside and easily tidied up.

Provide attendees with all the paint, craft supplies, glue, and paper they need, perhaps with a row of easels for kids to create their masterpieces. You can even get the kids involved in the catering by getting them to decorate their own cakes and cookies.

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