Change is hard. We understand that talking to your aging parents about moving into an assisted living facility can seem like a daunting task. Although it’s not a conversation you want to have, we’re here to offer you some tips that can make things a bit easier.

Get ready to start packing some bags because, by the time you’ve finished reading, your aging parents are going to be racing to find the best retirement home out there. Here are some useful advice to make talking about elderly care better than you expected.

Start the Conversation

Ways to Keep Your Elderly Parents Active

The first thing you can do is have a conversation with your parents. This gives you a chance to help them understand where you’re coming from and why you believe a retirement community is the best place for them.

It also gives them a chance to digest the idea ahead of the move. It also helps if you mention you’re searching for options and would like to include them in your search for the best retirement community.

Choose a Teachable Moment

If the aging adults in your life still aren’t keen on the idea of moving into a skilled nursing facility, you can always wait for a teachable moment to bring it up. For example, if they went to an appointment and forgot how to get home or took a fall while in their home, it’s the perfect time to have the discussion.

Let them know you’re grateful they’re okay, but in the future, things could be much worse, and it’s for that reason a retirement community is the best option. From there, fill them in on why a nursing facility benefits them, including having access to trained health professionals in case of an emergency.

Tour the Facility

In-Home Caregiver

Part of what frightens your loved one is not knowing what they’re getting into. To help ease this fear, set up a tour of the facility and take them with you.

They’ll get the chance to see the apartments available and view the grounds where they’ll potentially be living. It also allows them to interact with some of the other residents.

Be Patient

You might feel as if you’re talking to a brick wall, and nothing you’re saying is sinking in. This is when you’ve got to be patient and understand if your loved one has a disease that affects their cognitive abilities, they may not understand that they aren’t as capable of caring for themselves as they used to be.

Regardless remain patient because it takes everyone different lengths of time to come to terms with things changing in their lives. Let your loved one know you love them and will be with them every step of the way throughout the transition process.

Convincing Parents an Assisted Living Facility is the Right Move

Convincing Parents an Assisted Living Facility is the Right Move

While an assisted living facility is excellent for more aging adults, it doesn’t mean they’re open to moving. Remember to be patient with them and, if possible, take a tour of the facility to give them a chance to see where they’ll be living.

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