Your product packaging may be a potential customer’s first interaction with your brand. The old notion of never judge a book by its cover doesn’t apply here.

Consumers will judge your brand based on the packaging used. Just as much thought as you put into developing your products needs to be applied to your packaging.

Packaging is a form of branding that can play a huge role in how successful your product is. Below we’ve listed the top five factors to consider when choosing product packaging.



It’s 2021, consumers have made it clear at this point that they value brands with sustainable products. The same goes for packaging. Brands with sustainable products would be hypocritical not to use sustainable packaging, but any brand can get a leg up from using eco-friendly packaging.

Pick at a minimum recyclable packaging. Choose paper over plastic whenever possible. The most sustainable option is biodegradable or compostable packaging which can break down into earth-friendly matter.


Product packaging is important to create a positive customer experience and attract customers. However, you don’t want to spend too much on the packaging. Higher packaging costs mean reduced profits or higher prices for customers.

Note that your packaging weight will directly affect your shipping costs.

To reduce packaging costs look into lighter materials, purchasing in bulk, and not over customizing-which always increases prices. Knowing your niche will help you determine if the customer expects a more luxurious packaging experience that will cost more.


It is important to pick packaging that will survive transit. You want packaging that will stay intact and protect your product as it travels from the warehouse to a customer or retailer.

Consider what your product is made of. Then consider what shape and different packaging material will protect it during transit.



Your packaging is a reflection of your brand. Choosing branded packaging that aligns with your existing font, color, and overall theme is key. Customers should be able to recognize your product from the packaging without even seeing the brand name on it.

Branding with packaging stems from material choices, package shapes, and graphics.


Make sure it is easy for customers with visual impairments to shop your product. This means making the font large enough for consumers to read.

You should also consider adding braille to your packaging. Braille is a communication system used by people with visual impairements. It can help these customers understand your product.

It provides these customers the independence to shop for your products.

Choosing Product Packaging for Success

Make Sure the Packaging Is Easy to Open

There are many factors to consider when designing your product packaging. You can bootstrap and design packaging yourself, or hire a professional packaging designer.

It is important to note that packaging can evolve as your company grows and you might not get it perfect on the first try. Listen to customer feedback on your packaging and make small adjustments as needed. For more business tips, keep reading our blog!

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