Your oral health is essential; hence it should be treated as such. With many dental clinics springing up in every corner in the US, you need to be careful with who you patronize.

It is no surprise that the American Dental Association does not acknowledge cosmetic dentistry as an area of specialization in dentistry. With this, most dentists seem to parade themselves as a cosmetic dentist. Here comes the question-how do you recognize a competent and a real cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is more than mere arrangement of teeth; it focuses on perfectly recreating your teeth structure to blend with your face. To make this a reality, you need to be in a safe hand. And you should call the dentists in syracuse ny.

This article will focus on some important things about dentist

  • The training

Just like every other professional occupation, a cosmetic dentist is expected to have bagged a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a D.M.D (Doctor of Dental Medicine) from an accredited dental school. Also, before a cosmetic dentist can start practicing, he/she must be licensed. To achieve this, the professional must meet the examination requirement of the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE).

Mind you, all these qualifications are basic; even a general dentist possesses all these. Hence it is expected that the cosmetic dentist acquires more knowledge by taking some postgraduate courses in laser dentistry, cosmetic dental procedure, porcelain veneers, and the likes.

Besides, an outstanding cosmetic dentist should not be a jack of all trades; he or she is expected to be very good in one of those areas of specialization listed above.

Depending on your oral need, please be sure that the dentist possesses the required skills; otherwise, you might get your smile and facial appearance ruined.

  • The association and track record

Usually, a cosmetic dentist should be in an association where his work ethics will be regulated. While being a member of an association does not necessarily mean that the cosmetic dentist is capable, it further adds some level of credibility to the medical practitioner. It also shows that the cosmetic dentist is serious with his profession to have chosen to join a credible association. An example of a popular and credible organization for cosmetic dentists is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Also, the track record and the success rate of the dentist is vital. What have you heard people say about that cosmetic dentist’s services? How well has he/she handled a case similar to yours in the past? You don’t want to patronize a cosmetic dentist that is good at dental binding but poor at teeth whitening to help whiten your teeth. You could ask the dentist or his technician for their previous results, mere seeing this, you can be sure if you will need their services or not.

  • Method/Means of payment

This is another crucial thing to consider because cosmetic dentistry can be a little bit costly. Hence a flexible payment plan is required. Since most insurance plans do not cover you for smile enhancement, it is vital that you check if the practitioner accepts credit cards or payment in bit (Installments).

It will also be a plus if the cosmetic dentist allows third-party payment from Wells Fargo, CareCredits, and the likes.

  • Your Schedule and the dentist’s location

Most times, it often requires more than a visit to get your dental enhanced; therefore, it is good to pick a convenient location. You can either choose a place that is close to your home or office; it all depends on your convenience.

Also, how compatible is your schedule with the dentist’s active(opening) hours, does it fit into your schedule? These are some essential things to think about.

  • The level of technology employed

Things are getting easier and better in the medical field, thanks to the introduction of some new technologies and equipment. The caliber of technology and equipment employed by your prospective cosmetic dentist can either enhance or worsen your dental health; therefore, you must pay attention to the type of technology and equipment your future dentist has in his/her clinic.

Depending on the cosmetic dentist’s specialty, technology, and equipment like 3D scanners, 3D x-ray, intraoral camera, dental laser should not be found wanting in his/her clinic. Also, some dental procedure involves that you get sedated, so you must ask if the anesthesia is harmful to your health.

  • Type of service rendered

Most time, people think that a cosmetic dentist performs all kinds of services; surprisingly, they do not. In fact, most of them specialize. Here are some services they render:

  • Teeth whitening- This is an effortless procedure; it is straightforward and affordable.
  • Composite binding involves adding a colored resin to the tooth; it enhances its appearance and strength. it requires the service of an expert cosmetic dentist

Some other services that a cosmetic dentist renders include: tooth-colored filling, on lays and inlays, dental implants among others. Depending on your need, your preferred cosmetic dentist must be skilled in your area of concern.

To ensure that you are in safe hands, I have compiled a list of cosmetic clinics with outstanding track records. Below are some of them:

  • iSmile cosmetic dentist clinic

iSmile is a top cosmetic clinic located at Broadway, New York; the company has a team of qualified cosmetic dentists who use the 21st century to bring your smile dream into reality. iSmile render services ranging from porcelain crowns, posterior composite restoration, cosmetic contouring to inlays and on lays.

One unique thing about the clinic is that each treatment plan is tailored to your need, bringing about quick results.

  • Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you want to enhance your smile with a nice set of teeth without breaking the bank? Peninsula Center in Los Altos, California, is one sure place to be. Since 1986, Dr Joseph and his medical team have been restoring to people the smiles that they deserve. Their facilities are accessible to all, even to those on a wheelchair.

Other clinics worthy of mention include Brentwood Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, The Oaks Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, and many others.

Cosmetic dentistry is a sure way to restore your confidence; however, it must be done by an expert. Before settling for a specific cosmetic dentist, ensure you do your findings and don’t be scared to ask questions. Remember, a good smile opens the door to great opportunities, while a bad smile does the opposite, so keep this in mind when shopping for a cosmetic dentist.

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