Substance abuse disorders affect tens of millions of Americans. If you’re one of them, then it goes without saying that conquering addictions is on your mind.

What can you do when taking on the rewarding of living a sober life?

Read the article and take these suggestions and insights to heart. The following shares five helpful tips to help kick the addiction for good.

1. Know That Things Get Better

It’s hard to put the hell one experiences throughout rehabilitation into words. Yet, if there’s one definitive thing about it, then it’s this: it gets better.

Education is your weapon in combating addiction.

Understand the symptoms of drug withdrawal and how to endure them. Learn about yourself and what does and doesn’t help with staying sober. Find inspiration and courage to stick to it from those who have pushed through the hell.

The habits become more manageable when you know why it happens. So, read more articles and guides like the one you’re reading now. Know that your choice to understand and live in sobriety is a rewarding commitment.

2. Get Deeply Involved With Something

It doesn’t matter what you’re recovering from—addiction is addiction.

The grip of addiction will pass but often feels like there’s a gaping void. It’s very easy to fall back into old habits and fill that void with drugs and vices.

What do you do? Become obsessed with a positive activity.

Get deeply involved with:

  • Exercise
  • Hobbies
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Volunteering

In these activities are the actions that create a positive impact. Use this good to build a momentum where the addiction is non-existent in your mind.

3. Work With a Sponsor

A sponsor is (usually) someone that has gone through the challenges you face. They are the helping hands when you need them the most. They’re the voice of reason when you’re feeling overwhelmed and tempted by addiction.

Where do you find sponsors?

  • SAMHSA (National Hotline)
  • A local recovery group
  • Professional services/groups
  • Friends or family

Having someone become your sponsor is a lot to ask from them. There may be tense moments that bring the relationship to its edge. But, these individuals could be the very ones that help you reach sobriety (and stick with it).

4. Change Your Entertainment

You’ve got to step away from the temptation early on:

  • Events that heavily advertise alcohol and drugs
  • Going to bars and clubs even with the intention of DDing
  • Viewing certain media that could trigger addictive feelings
  • Staying in and cooking versus going out and “having a few”

Going anywhere and even seeing anything could trigger temptations by association. Find fun, sober alternatives until you’ve got better control of the addiction. Later on, you can ease back into the old outings (sober, of course).

5. Cut Out Negative People

It’s hard, but you may need to remove people from your life. This may be a huge lifestyle change—but it’s for the best. There’s no special tip for this one other than coming to terms with who’s negative and walking away.

Conquering Addiction is Possible

Conquering addiction may not seem possible when you’re in its grips. But, do know that it’s possible and you have many resources and people backing you up! So, find what drives your desire for sober living and make the commitment to recover.

Need further guidance on becoming a well-rounded person? Be sure to check out our health and wellness guides and insights!

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