Has your hair been falling out? Well, it might be because of a thyroid disorder. Hair loss is one of the signs that there’s something wrong with your thyroid. Thyroid issues and hair loss are directly connected.

But, there are ways to cope with sudden hair loss. Hairline tattoos are a new and upcoming trend for people experiencing hair loss.

Keep reading to find out more about the connection between thyroid issues and hair loss. We’ll also teach you how to cope.

What's the Link Between Your Thyroid Issues and Hair Loss

There are many thyroid disorders, and all of them might cause your hair to fall out at a rapid pace. It’s best to visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms.

Here are a few conditions that affect your thyroid:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • Grave’s disease

Hypothyroidism means your thyroid doesn’t produce enough of certain hormones your body needs. Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition. It. causes your immune system to attack your thyroid. This disease often leads to an underactive thyroid.

Grave’s disease is also an autoimmune condition affecting the thyroid and causes hyperthyroidism. Like Hashimoto’s, it attacks your thyroid. But it causes your thyroid to produce too much hormone.

These aren’t the only conditions that might affect your thyroid. There are plenty of other diseases and conditions that cause hair loss. But, losing your hair isn’t always because of an underlying health issue.

Many people start losing their hair as they grow older. So, it’s easy to confuse natural hair loss with a possible thyroid issue. Here are some symptoms of possible thyroid issues and hair loss:

  • Uniform hair loss across your scalp
  • Slow or gradually thinning hair
  • Brittle, dry, or thinning hair on the scalp
  • Hair loss on other parts of your body

These are a few of the symptoms pointing to a potential thyroid issue.

What Can I Do?

What Can I Do

Hair regrowth is possible if you remove the triggering factor. In this case, the trigger for your hair loss is a thyroid issue. Not all thyroid issues can be corrected, so hair regrowth isn’t possible for everyone.

If you’re looking for a more interesting option to cover up your hair loss, try a hairline tattoo.

What Is a Hairline Tattoo?

Hairline tattoos are popular for both men and women experiencing hair loss. If you’re thinking about this option, it’s best to inform yourself about hairline tattoos first.

Hairline tattoos aren’t the same as a normal tattoo you’d get on your arm or back. Hairline tattoos involve a different process, specifically scalp micro-pigmentation.

A professional injects small pigments into your scalp using a micro-needle. They also use a different type of ink because they have to go deeper into your skin. If you’re struggling with hair loss, think about getting a hairline tattoo.

Hair Loss Tips

Hair Loss Tips

If you’re dealing with sudden hair loss, visit your doctor right away. They’ll test you for multiple thyroid conditions and pinpoint the cause of your hair loss.

One way to deal with hair loss is to look into getting a hairline tattoo. Hairline tattoos are becoming more popular as more people experience hair loss.

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