Since RedState blogger Erick Erickson leaked Tuesday a police report showing dozens of 911 calls and one incident where Winter Park Commissioner and Republican candidate in Florida’s 24th Congressional District Karen Diebel claimed her house was bugged, Diebel has released a statement about the leak blaming her opponents.

Her Republican rivals deny any involvement. Accounting for the dozens of 911 calls, she said that after the death of her husband she installed a security system that automatically called the police but it had “bugs and false alarms.” Erickson originally said, “If she is can be painted as not quite okay, she’s going to have a problem.”

Her statement:

On the eighth anniversary of the tragic accident that took the life of her husband Donald, Karen Diebel had planned to spend a sad but reflective day with her children. Instead, the campaigns of her opponents Craig Miller and Sandy Adams sought to politically profit by launching a personal attack.

Eight years ago today, Karen and her husband, Dr. Donald Diebel Jr., and their three young boys were on a family outing traveling on Florida’s Turnpike. They came upon an accident scene where a truck was overturned in the median.

Dr. Diebel pulled to the side and ran to help the victims. While assisting with off duty firefighter Shane Kelly, and with Karen and her three sons watching, a tractor trailer crashed into the accident scene killing both Dr. Diebel and firefighter Shane Kelly and critically wounding 7 other people.

“It would be hard for me to describe the horror of what unfolded in front of me and my children and the overwhelming sadness and deep sense of loss that ensued,” Diebel said.

“After my husband was killed I was a widow and the only parent left to raise and protect my three boys. It was a very traumatizing time for all of us. As a matter of precaution I always set the home security system. Like many systems ours was set to automatically call the police when activated. And, like all security systems, there are certain bugs and false alarms.

In time, my sons and I were able to regain our composure and return to a normal, but forever altered life It’s hard for me to imagine the lack of character it must take to engage in such a mean spirited and senseless attack. It is made even harder considering this attack has come on the anniversary of our tragic loss.

I am sorry that my opponents have nothing to say about the critical issues facing America today or about their record or accomplishments. But I would be very, very, wary of anyone who would use a tragedy such as this for his or her own political gain. Personal attacks have no place in a Republican primary.

I am asking for all Republican County Chairpersons and leaders in the 24th District to immediately issue a statement condemning these kinds of sleazy campaign tactics and urge candidates to run on the issues. I believe our party deserves both a campaign and a nominee they can be proud of. It will be the only way we can win in November.

Our campaign is focused completely on the critical issues facing this district and America today. The unfortunate truth is that my opponents have to find a way to hide their own records of supporting liberal philosophies like voting for job crushing tax increases, voting to increase government spending and placing that burden on our families, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

My personal tragedy has made me an even stronger person. I have proven that I can meet the challenge of a crisis and prevail. The mean-spirited tactics of my opponents will not deter me from my fight for what I believe is important,” Diebel said.

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