State Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Oviedo, running in Florida’s 24th Congressional District against incumbent Democrat Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, does not believe in the theory of evolution, as expressed in response to a question during a campaign conference call with supporters. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

A caller, identified as Keith from Titusville, asked Adams if she believed in evolution. “I’m Christian. What else do you want to know?” she responded, sounding uncomfortable. When asked again, she replied, “I’m Christian. I believe in the biblical terms of how we came about.”

She reiterated that stance in a brief interview on Thursday before her cell phone dropped the call. “I don’t back away from my religion,” she said. “I believe in the biblical teachings.”

She did not elaborate or call back.

As a state representative, she did vote for the “Evolution Academic Freedom Act,” which would have allowed teachers to question the validity of the theory of evolution and present other theories. The Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law in 1987 requiring schools that taught evolution to also teach creationism, in Edwards v. Aguillard.

In 2007, a U.S. District Court judge decided that intelligent design could not be taught alongside evolution.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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