Are you running a start-up business? Or are you leading a specific department in a company? Regardless of which category you belong to, some elements remain constant.

One of them is the task of launching projects. Projects differ depending on their goals, targets, and execution. But what they all share is the need for organization. An effective project comes with different elements.

To make these elements work, you need careful planning. Studies reveal that poor planning is one of the main reasons why projects fail.

Thankfully, there are project organization apps that you can use to ease your burden. But which apps are worth looking into? Will they cost you a lot?

Continue reading below for eight of the best computer apps for project organization.

1. Trello

Easily, Trello is one of the most popular project organization apps to date. It is easy to use and friendly for beginners. This app is akin to a whiteboard where you can stick your virtual post-it notes.

With Trello, you can create different boards for all your projects. Furthermore, it helps you organize your to-do-lists. It can also consolidate your ideas so you don’t lose them along the way.

Another strength of Trello is it lets you share your boards with other members of the team. This means it can serve as your project’s collaboration pipeline.

You can see and track comments from everyone. It can also notify you of any changes or suggestions coming from other team members.

Trello is free to download, though you can upgrade it into a Business Plan to increase the size of your attachments to 250MB.

2. Asana

Another popular project organization app is Asana. Like Trello, it comes with a free version packed with all the works. For starters, it helps you break down your projects into sections.

This helps the entire team get a more granular view of the projects’ progress. It also comes with dashboards where you can rearrange your tasks and share them with your team.

It is simple but comes with a lot of room for integrations. The free plan can accommodate teams of up to 15 members. If you go beyond that headcount, you will need to subscribe to a Premium plan for $9.99/month.

3. XMind

XMind is a mind-mapping software that gives you an overview of your project for your brainstorming sessions. It helps you organize your ideas and structures them accordingly.

After consolidating all your ideas, you can use its two presentation modes to explain the project granularly. Furthermore, it comes with built-in themes and templates. You can use them to organize your mind map and align them with different kinds of topics.

Whether you’re presenting formally to prospective investors or in front of a loose and creative group, XMind has the templates and themes you need.

Try the app by clicking the XMind download link here.

4. Wrike

If you’re looking for an app that can help you with your spreadsheets, Wrike is the app that you want. Its spreadsheet comes with all the features that you need. These include the columns and reminders.

It also lets you collaborate with your team. In turn, everyone on the team can update the status of their respective tasks. Furthermore, the tasks feature intervals informing everyone if they are still in progress, on hold, canceled, or completed.

You can even assign colors to each task and label them accordingly. Also, Wrike’s premium plan comes with activity streams and time tracking. It also offers Gantt charts and custom dashboards.

5. MeisterTask

For a different and colorful take on the Kanban boards, MeisterTask is the app you want to try. It comes with a dashboard wallpaper and automation features that you can engage every time you drag your tasks to new lists.

This allows you to perform different functions by moving around your tasks. These include changing due dates and sending emails, among others.

Also, MeisterTask gives you an overview of all the pending tasks that you have across all projects. It allows you to integrate your ideas and share them with your teammates. With a simple drag, you can turn an idea into a task.

6. Bitrix24

If you are someone who prefers to stick with a classic project management approach while enjoying Gantt charts, Bitrix24 can give you the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, it is one of the best organization apps for bigger projects. When it comes to the features, Bitrix24 is one of the leaders. For starters, you can create a project organization chart using a Gantt chart view.

From there, you can track the progress of every member of the team. You can adjust their deadlines and workload if need be.

Also, the app comes with HR and client management tools. It also offers in-app video conferencing and social intranet features.


AND CO is the app for businesses that require tons of invoicing. It is also perfect for people who manage freelance projects in all phases.

By hitting the “Create” button, you can start organizing your project and all the key details you need. These include important client information, products, and services. You can also include the fees, expenses, and details of the contract.

Thereafter, you can create tasks and track their progress through a built-in tracking tool. But unlike other organization apps, AND CO only works for a single user. This means you cannot share or assign tasks to a team.

But if you are a freelancer who requires invoicing, this is the app for you.

8. Paymo

Last but not least is Paymo. It is a project organizer that focuses on helping freelancers who charge by the hour. It features a time tracker that helps you organize your tasks for different clients.

Paymo is also user-friendly. You can start by adding clients and their respective projects. From there, you can input priorities and deadlines.

Furthermore, you can include attachments, as well as descriptions of every task. Tracking progress is easy. Pick the task that you want in the time tracker then hit the play button to track its progress.

Go Beyond Project Organization Apps

By using project organization apps, you can do more tasks while keeping confusion at bay. You can track your team’s progress and make key adjustments along the way. But why stop at using these apps?

Increase your knowledge of product management by reading our other articles. We discuss important topics that will guide you in any project, big or small.

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