Did you know that spending time with dogs has proven to increase dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels in the body?

Dogs are more than just a pet, they bring love and laughter into your life, making them unforgettable.

If you are thinking about getting a family dog, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Read further if you want to know about some of the most important factors when picking a dog breed!

Identify Allergies

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One of the most important things to consider when picking a dog breed is your family’s allergies.

If anyone in the house is allergic to dogs, you’ll want to get a hypoallergenic breed. The American hairless terrier, Maltese, and poodles are wonderful breeds to consider. Although some dogs are hypoallergenic, you’ll need to keep in mind that fur can pick up danders from outside and bring them into the house.

Select a Size

Choosing between small and large dogs can be simple for some, but it’s challenging when you fall in love with a pup.

Small and medium-sized dogs for families are best, however, large dogs can also have advantages. When selecting the size of breed you want to get, you’ll need to think about how much space you have for them in your home and yard.

Many dog breed options blend 2 types, which can help you get your favorite kinds. Medium-sized dogs are great for families, but if you are looking for protection, a larger breed is best.

Consider Their Activity Levels

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No matter what breed you get, it seems like puppies have an endless supply of energy.

Whether you get a pug or a pitbull, each one will burst with energy and then mellow down with age. The difference, however, between these breeds is their necessary activity levels. Larger dogs require more time outside, walking, and being active.

Since the smaller dogs need to take double the steps, it’s more likely that they’ll get tired out with a walk around the block. If you can’t keep up with your dog’s fitness needs, dog daycare can help you while you work.


If you have children around or just want a friendly dog, you’ll need to consider their breed.

Pitbulls get a bad reputation for being rough, however, they are wonderful dogs with children and can listen to commands well. Chihuahuas are a small dog breed with a high temperament, which can result in bites and barking.

Golden retrievers, Boston terriers, and poodles are some of the best dogs to consider. Aside from chihuahuas, you might also want to stay away from huskies and German shepherds.

Choosing the Right Breed

Will You Be Picking a Dog Breed That Fits Your Family?

When it comes to picking a dog breed, many factors can impact your family.

Allergies and the size of your home might impact the type of breed that you can handle. Each breed comes with unique characteristics and needs, especially when you are trying to keep them active.

Don’t be afraid to consider a different breed of dog, like pitbulls, which are friendly and easy to train.

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