Texas Oil Field

Houston is the most populated city in Texas. The city is known for its oil wealth and is called the oil captain. It is home to over 300 oil companies. Oil drilling in Houston started in 1901. Since then, many cities have tried to compete with Houston; in the end, Houston won the oil battle.

While the idea of being the number one oil producer in the U.S might seem exhilarating, it comes with its drawbacks. The oil industry is a dangerous job. Minor oil field accidents can result in a severe outcomes. Some of you might remember the Lousiana accident in 2014. Three were severely injured, in addition to one dead. It was just out of Houston as well as it was a Houston-based company. The Lousiana accident is a minor example. Oil field accidents like piper alpha can also happen anywhere.

Everyone has to work together to prevent accidents on oil rigs. It is not just the management’s responsibility employees should also take responsibility to ensure safety. In an oil rig, some accidents are common. With enough precautions, the management can prevent oil field accidents. Some of the frequent oil field accidents and injuries are:

Common Oil Field Accidents

  • Transportation Accident Injuries
  • Injury by Rig Collapse
  • Injury by Chemical Exposure
  • Injury by Fire and Explosion
  • Injury by Faulty Equipment
  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Electrical Issue Injuries
  • Injury by Equipment Mishandling

Transportation Oil Field Accidents and Injuries

In oil rigs, trucks play a vital role. Trucks are needed not only to transport oil but also to transport heavy equipment necessary for the oil rig. A truck accident can even result in death. A fully loaded truck will weigh around 40 tons. A 40 truck crashing with anything will not be a sight to see. A trained driver can reduce the risk of truck accidents.

Injury by Rig Collapse

Rig collapse is rare compared to other types of accidents but rarely doesn’t mean impossible. It happened in Louisiana, Piper Alpha, etc. Compared to other oil field accidents, rig collapse is much more dangerous. Casualty in rig collapse will be high. Reasons for rig collapse can be minor, like a loose pipeline, but the outcome can be unendurable.

Injury by Chemical Exposure

Benzene is a component of crude oil. Fracking releases benzene. Benzene is harmful to the human body to the extent of causing cancer. Exposure to benzene can cause reduce the blood cells in the bone marrow. It can also cause breast cancer. Oil rig employees are constantly exposed to these kinds of chemicals. Proper air filtration can reduce chemical exposure to the employees.

Oil Field Accidents and Injuries

Injury by Fire and Explosion

An oil rig is a very volatile workplace. A minor mishap can result in fire and explosions. Fire in an oil rig is not easy to deal with. It can quickly go south. An oil rig can completely crumble because of fire. Oil rig employees should be extremely careful because any minor mishap can cause a fire explosion. Fire explosion can take down numerous casualties with it.

Injury by Faulty Equipment

Many types of machinery will be used in the oil industry. One machine failure can stop the entire process. Fracking stopped due to product deficiency is tolerable compared to the other consequences it can cause. An equipment failure can result in unpleasant oil field accidents. Generally, third-party negligence is liable for faulty equipment, like the product manufacturer. Using machinery from trusted sources and testing the equipment before use can prevent faulty equipment.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slips and falls are common in all workplaces. However, slipping and falling on an oil rig is completely different from other workplaces. It can be devastating. The employer must make the workplace safe enough for the employee to work. Simple safety measures can avoid slip and fall injuries.

Electrical Issues Injuries

Oil Field Injuries

Electricity is a must in the oil industry. It is required to extract the oil. If not maintained properly it can have a disastrous outcome. High voltage electrocution can paralyze a person or can cause death. It is mandatory to check all the wirings before start working. The management should inspect the wirings every once in a while to be safe.

Injury by Equipment Mishandling

Equipment mishandling is the result of improper training. An employee handling equipment without proper training will always be abysmal for the site. Equipment mishandling accidents not only stop the work but also endangers other employees. The management should either hire experienced workers or should offer proper training to the employee.

It is not easy to deal with any accident mentioned here. The worker compensation will offer you a settlement for your suffering but it will be usually lower than what you deserve. If you suffered from an accident caused by a third party, you can file a personal injury claim. It is not possible to sue your employer as he is protected by the worker compensation insurance. After suffering a workplace injury, it is best to consult an oil field injury lawyer in Houston, TX. They can analyze your case and offer you expert advice on it.

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