The average social media user only grants each post in their newsfeed a passing 1.3-second glance. How can you use those precious seconds to capture their attention and drive them to your page?

Video marketing is quickly becoming the most cost-effective and engaging way to capture the brief attention span of online users. Nowadays,Β video marketingΒ is widely used by the most successful companies and entrepreneurs. A good, powerful video always guarantees that your content will be well known and potentially bring new customers to you.

There are important things to know about video before adding it to your digital marketing strategy. Mistakes in video marketing are easy to make and can impact your overall marketing budget and your videos’ reach.

Let’s look at the most common video marketing mistakes so you can avoid them and start video marketing like an expert.

1. Too Long

The first step of video marketing to keep in mind is understanding how the length of videos affects your success. Don’t get caught in a long-form video format if your audience doesn’t have the time or patience to watch a longer video.

Starting out with shorter videos allows you to reach more people and build up your audience. Then you can create long videos that your customers and audience want to watch. Content and intros that are too long are one of the most common mistakes in video marketing.

Long intros lead to users not finishing your video or even not returning for new content. Keep your videos focused and your audience will thank you for it.

Having a script for your marketing video can significantly enhance its effectiveness by ensuring that your message is clear, concise, and on point. It allows you to plan the length of the video in advance, avoiding the common pitfalls of making it too long. Additionally, a script can help you stay focused on the key points you want to make, while also providing opportunities to incorporate different visual and auditory elements to enhance the overall message. Make sure you research and explore successful video marketing campaigns and examples of explainer video scripts within your niche. This will help you create a polished and compelling video that resonates with your target audience.

2. Not Focusing on Building Emotional Investment

Get people involved in your creative process. Ask people in your videos what they want to see next or respond to enthusiastic comments from previous content you put out. Getting advice while creating a new project can also encourage people to continue tuning in to see what will happen with the project next.

3. Ignoring the Customers

Don’t neglect keyword research when creating video content. Research what people may be searching for, answer questions your audience is asking the internet anyway. Not doing this background research can cause you to create content that no one is interested in watching.

4. Not Enough Metadata

Help your content rank and be found on google and other search engines. Include relevant information in your titles, descriptions, and tags. The benefits of SEO can extend to your video content too.

Boost your pages ranking when adding SEO optimized videos to your site. Using SEO to your advantage can help people find your business and the answers they are searching for.

5. Improper Production Investments

When starting on creating video content for your business or brand, it’s tempting to search out high ticket production equipment. Again, it’s best to start small. Many of the most successful video bloggers, start with a ring light and a good camera.

Build up your success before investing in big-ticket production items. You can also find free or affordable production resources online. Check out some resources for producing videos with ease.

Avoid Mistakes in Video Marketing Like a Pro

Now you know the mistakes in video marketing to avoid when starting video marketing. By avoiding these errors you can start creating and sharing content like an expert. Let us know if these tips helped you!

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